What are some cool Microsoft Excel tricks?

What are some cool Microsoft Excel tricks?

20 Excel Tricks That Can Make Anyone An Excel Expert

  • One Click to Select All.
  • Open Excel Files in Bulk.
  • Shift Between Different Excel Files.
  • Create a New Shortcut Menu.
  • Add a Diagonal Line to a Cell.
  • Add More Than One New Row or Column.
  • Speedily Move and Copy Data in Cells.
  • Speedily Delete Blank Cells.

What are a few of the most useful functions in Excel?

12 Most Useful Excel Functions for Data Analysis

  • IF. The IF function is extremely useful.
  • SUMIFS. SUMIFS is one of the most useful Excel functions.
  • COUNTIFS – mention averageifs, maxifs. The COUNTIFS function is another mega function for Excel data analysis.
  • TRIM.

What are the tricks which make easy to use MS Excel?

Great Excel Shortcut Keys

  1. Ctrl+; —Inserts today’s date.
  2. Ctrl+Shift+:—Inserts the current time (the colon is what is in a clock reading, like 12:00).
  3. Ctrl+Shift+#—Changes the format of a date.
  4. Ctrl+5—Applies a strike-through to the text in a cell.
  5. Ctrl+0— Hides the current column.
  6. Ctrl+9—Hides the current row.
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What are the different Excel functions?

Excel functions (alphabetical)

Function name Type and description
COTH function Math and trigonometry: Returns the cotangent of an angle
COUNT function Statistical: Counts how many numbers are in the list of arguments
COUNTA function Statistical: Counts how many values are in the list of arguments

What are the most commonly used functions in Excel?

SUM functions. Probably the most frequently used function in Excel (or any other spreadsheet program), =SUM does just that: It sums a column, row, or range of numbers—but it doesn’t just sum. It also subtracts, multiplies, divides, and uses any of the comparison operators to return a result of 1 (true) or 0 (false).

What are Excel functions?

A function in Excel is a preset formula, that helps perform mathematical, statistical and logical operations. Once you are familiar with the function you want to use, all you have to do is enter an equal sign (=) in the cell, followed by the name of the function and the cell range it applies to.

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How is useful of Excel?

Excel is used for organizing, filtering, and visualizing large amounts of data. It is most often used in accounting, but can be used by virtually any professional to manage long and unwieldy datasets. Examples of Excel applications include balance sheets, budgets, editorial calendars, and data calculators.

What are three different functions available in Excel?

The most frequently used functions in Excel are:

  • AutoSum;
  • IF function;
  • LOOKUP function;
  • VLOOKUP function;
  • HLOOKUP function;
  • MATCH function;
  • CHOOSE function;
  • DATE function;

What are the 5 lesser known functions in Excel?

5 Lesser Known/Used yet Powerful Excel Functions. 1. DSUM – Read it as “THE SUM” function. 2. DATEDIF – Save yourself some time and time functions. 3. NETWORKDAYS / WORKDAY – It shouldn’t be much of a work. 4. SUBTOTAL – A multi-tool of functions. 5. INDIRECT – Superhero when nothing directly works.

What are the different uses of Excel?

There are about as many uses for Excel as there are capabilities in the program. At its core, Excel is used to create grids of text and numbers, and layer in formulas that allow for the automatic data calculation and analysis.

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What are the people who use Excel shortcuts?

There are a lot of people who can simplify their life with Excel shortcuts, and here are the groups that will definitely love using them: People who work in banks, finance organizations, etc. Businessmen who make tons of various reports and presentations in Excel for meetings and briefings.

Is there any profession that excel can’t help?

There is almost no profession in management of which Excel can’t help on way or the other. However, I observed that majority of Excel users don’t progress beyond certain functions and their combos, keyboard shortcuts or some features. And all this still very basic.