What books should mechanical engineers read?

What books should mechanical engineers read?

9 Mechanical Engineering Books Worth Keeping

  • Marks Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers.
  • Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design.
  • Standard Handbook of Machine Design.
  • Machinery’s Handbook.
  • Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction.
  • DeGarmo’s Materials and Processes in Manufacturing.

What is Section A and B in Amie?

Section A is the first part of AMIE. A plus two passed candidate has to study 10 subjects in Section A while a Diploma passed candidate has to study 4 subjects in Section A. After passing all subjects in Section A, a candidate can move on to Section B. In section B there are total 9 subjects.

What are the subjects in Amie?

Fundamentals of Design and Manufacturing.

  • Material Science and Engineering.
  • Computing and Informatics.
  • Society and Environment.
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    What is Amie section?

    AMIE stands for Associate Member of Institution of Engineers. AMIE is a B. Tech level examination in engineering, recognized by all State Governments, Central Govt., AICTE, UPSC etc as equivalent to B.E/B. and private sectors, just like a B.E or B. Tech holder.

    Is IEI approved by Aicte?

    AICTE. AICTE has approved the eligibility for AMIE Passouts with M.E./M. Tech for Teaching Assignments.

    Is Amie valid for UPSC 2021?

    AMIE is recognised by Govt. of India and is valid for IES, UPSC, GATE, IES and Govt Jobs (where Eq. B. Tech degree is also mentioned).

    Is Amie equal to B Tech?

    AMIE is equivalent to B Tech. However, it is a continuing education. It means that AMIE should be pursued by working aspirants engaged in engineering field. When you pass Section A and apply for Section B, then you have to fill a certificate of job engagement given in the form itself.

    Is Amie recognized?

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    The Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development considers this qualification is equivalent to a degree in engineering. AMIE is also recognized by UK-NARIC as British bachelor’s honours degree. AMIE is also recognized by FCSA Foreign credential service of America as equivalent to bachelor’s degree in engineering.