What Broadway shows can high schools perform?

What Broadway shows can high schools perform?

Most Popular Musicals for High Schools

  1. Beauty and the Beast. You probably already know the story of Beauty and the Beast — and that’s exactly why it’s one of the most popular musicals for high school.
  2. Mamma Mia!
  3. The Addams Family.
  4. Into the Woods.
  5. The Wizard of Oz.
  6. The Sound of Music.

What musicals can schools perform?

Which Musicals Are the Top Shows for Schools?

  • 9 (tie). Bright Star.
  • 9 (tie). Into the Woods.
  • 9 (tie). The Little Mermaid.
  • 7 (tie). Little Shop of Horrors.
  • Disney’s High School Musical.
  • Godspell.
  • Little Women.
  • The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

Can high schools do Phantom of the Opera?

Rights to perform the iconic Tony-winning tuner are currently available only to high schools, youth groups and colleges. The Phantom of the Opera tells the story of a masked figure who lurks beneath the catacombs of the Paris Opera House, exercising a reign of terror over all who inhabit it.

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What is Emma the musical about?

George Knightly, EMMA is the romantic tale of a spirited young woman determined to arrange matches for her friends. But when matchmaking becomes more hindering than helpful, Emma starts to learn what it truly means to be in love and realizes that the match she is more likely to make might just be her own.

Is Wicked a play or musical?

The musical takes us behind the curtain back to the witches school days and we discover why they were changed for good. With 10 Tony Award nominations and four Olivier Award nominations, Wicked is a bonafide Broadway hit. Get tickets to see Wicked on Broadway. Book tickets to see Wicked in the West End.

What is the biggest Broadway flop?

These Were The Biggest Flops In Broadway History

  • Carrie was a bloody disaster.
  • Into the Light qucikly went dark.
  • Glory Days for just one night.
  • Not even the king could save Home Sweet Homer.
  • Few wanted anybody to Bring Back Birdie.
  • Via Galactica was totally far out.
  • Dance a Little Closer was a musical about nuclear war.
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Who composed cats?

Andrew Lloyd Webber
The magnificent musical score composed by the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber, includes the poignant hit song Memory, which has been recorded by over 150 artists from Barbra Streisand and Johnny Mathis to Liberace and Barry Manilow. CATS is quite simply a phenomenon.

Can you license Phantom of the Opera?

Phantom of the Opera Will Be Licensed to High Schools and Colleges. High school and college drama programs will be able to present their own low-budget versions of the big-budget international musical hit, The Phantom of the Opera, starting this fall.

How long is Emma the play?

It’s a decent length book made into a 2 hour musical.

What is Emma a pop musical?

Also available: Emma: A Pop Musical JV Based on Jane Austen’s classic novel, this sparkling new musical features the hit songs of legendary girl groups and iconic female singers from The Supremes to Katy Perry. Girl power has never sounded so good!

What are the best high school musicals to direct?

Some, such as Cinderella, are easy for students to learn (thank you for the catchy melodies, Rodgers and Hammerstein!). Others, like Working, are easy to direct. Still others are small cast high school musicals, so you don’t need to worry about staging and directing an enormous, wayward ensemble.

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Are musicals worth it for shy high school students?

It can be challenging, but it’s worth it to see shy kids transform into confident, capable actors and singers. For theater kids, musicals are the best part of high school. Think back — do you remember when you first felt your castmates turning into family? The first time you stepped on stage and found your voice?

What is musical theater love?

At Theater Love, we believe that musical theater is magic. It’s essential. It’s a place where everyone belongs — a lifesaver for kids who feel like they don’t fit in anywhere else in high school.

What are the best musicals for beginners?

To streamline the process, look for easy shows. These musicals all have one thing in common — at least one element makes your life easier. Some, such as Cinderella, are easy for students to learn (thank you for the catchy melodies, Rodgers and Hammerstein!). Others, like Working, are easy to direct.