What does heaven and hell represent?

What does heaven and hell represent?

But in any case, whereas heaven is in general thought of as a realm in which people experience the bliss of perfect fellowship and harmony with God and with each other, hell is in general thought of as a realm in which people experience the greatest possible estrangement from God, the greatest possible sense of …

What is the significance of the inferno?

In the Divine Comedy, Dante tackles the big questions. The first portion, “Inferno,” is about categorizing and understanding the forms of human evil in all its forms, from the banal to the depraved. “Inferno” doesn’t merely represent an eternal torture chamber. It is, really, a meditation on evil.

What will happen in Heaven?

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In Heaven, we will see with a new and far better perspective. We’ll fully concur with God’s judgment on the wicked. The martyrs in Heaven call on God to judge evil people on Earth ( Revelation 6:9-11 ). When God brings judgment on the wicked city of Babylon, the people in Heaven are told, “Rejoice over her, O heaven!

Do bad people go to heaven or hell?

Truth #2: Bad people go to heaven, bad people go to hell. If where we spent eternity depended on the actions in our lives, none of us would go to heaven and all of us would go to hell. Our eternal status does not depend on anything other than our relationship with Jesus.

Why don’t we love those in Hell?

We will not love those in Hell because when we see Jesus as he is, we will love only—and will only want to love—whoever and whatever pleases and glorifies and reflects him. What we loved in those who died without Christ was God’s beauty we once saw in them.

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What is the plague of Darkness in the Bible?

The plague of darkness was the final warning of YHWH’s impending judgment. YESHUA (God’s true SON..JESUS) is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. The Egytian sun “god’ Ra is really none other than the devil.