What does Maraka planet do?

What does Maraka planet do?

Maraka (Sanskrit: मारक) in Hindu astrology refers to the planet or planets that cause death at the end of a particular life-span, if the assessed life-span is not over they cause accident, ill-health, poverty and misery during the course of their dasha or antra-dasha or in the period of the planet associating/ …

What is Vimsopaka Bala?

In Vedic astrology, there are specific quantitative measures of a planet’s strength. The Vimsopaka Bala is one measure of the planet’s strength to give good results.

How do you know if a planet is malefic or benefic?

If they have a good relationship with the Kendra Lords, then also the planet will become a functional benefic. The functional benefic and malefic nature is calculated through the ascendant, not the Moon. For Aries Lagna, the functional benefic are Mars, Sun, Jupiter, and Moon.

What is a good Shadbala score?

When someone wishes to analyze Ashtakavarga or Shadbala, they usally that it means this: The above being Ashtakavarga and below it the Shadbala. Then they would go on making predictions that those with score above 28 is good, below 28 is bad and transit of planets from above 28 is good, below 28 is bad and so on.

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What are Maraka planets for Gemini ascendant?

For Gemini ascendant, 2 nd house/Cancer is ruled by Moon and 7 th house/Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. So, Moon-Jupiter become their Maraka Lords or Maraka Planets. It adds another layer of beneficence that not only Moon-Jupiter are benefic planets & mutual friends but Jupiter is also a Kendra Lord for them.

What is Shad Varga?

We refer to four groups of varga charts or DC. Shad-varga – the D1 D2 D3 D9 D12 D30 ie six types of charts in this group. These charts are seen when you have to match charts for marriage or any serious question where life time decisions have to be taken. D1 – basic birth chart, the most important chart.

What is Harsha Bala in astrology?

One of the ways in which a planet is studied in Tajika astrology is the Harsha Bala of the planet. Harsha Bala literally means the happiness strength or happiness level of the planet. It is a precise quantitative measure calculation based on factors relating to the placement of that planet in the Varshaphala chart.

Is Pluto malefic?

Traditionally, Mars and Saturn are considered the malefic planets, with Mars being the lesser malefic and Saturn the greater. In modern astrology Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are sometimes also considered malefic, especially when in difficult aspect to a personal planet, however, they are still under consideration.

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Why is Saturn a bad planet?

The effects of Saturn on human beings are many-fold. Shani is a planet of obstruction, distress, depression, sorrow, sickness and is capable of bringing adversaries in a human’s life. One finds it very difficult during its phase; one may find yourself strangled, restless and depressed.

What is Astavarga in astrology?

Ashtakvarga is one of the methods in Vedic Astrology to find out the strength of the planets and the houses in your birth chart. Ashtakavarga divides 12 Moon Signs into eight further categories for eight planets. Interestingly enough, Rahu and Ketu, the Lunar Nodes are not considered in Ashtakavarga.

What is Sthana Bala?

This is strength due to the position, ie the Sthan that the graha occupies in the zodiac. If he is is placed strongly then his results will be more strong. Here we are discussing the power of the result. How strongly an event will occur in your life will depend on the sthan-bala of the connected planet.

What is the vimsopaka Bala?

Vimsopaka Bala – The Planetary ‘Report Card’ of Excellence. Higher the score – better the results a planet gives in its Vimshottari and other dasas as the planet is well placed to fructify the results of various facets of life that these divisional charts rule. First, let us understand the scheme given by Parasara.

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Why does Mars in Capricorn score lower in vimsopaka Bala?

When a graha is happy it produces auspicious results. When the graha is unhappy it produces inauspicious results. An important point is that exaltation in vargas do not factor into this metric. So, if you have Mars in Capricorn in all the vargas, it would score lower in Vimsopaka bala because Mars considers Saturn neutral.

Which planets have the highest vaiseshikamsa and Das Varga scores?

In this horoscope, Moon, Mars, Venus & Saturn have especially high Vaiseshikamsa scores whereas Sun has a very poor score of 0 in the Das Varga scheme. The above is for the intermediate reader.

How do you calculate the net vimsopaka score?

The net Vimsopaka score that a planet gets is calculated by a formula. The Swa Viswa score is multiplied with the Varga Viswa score and then divided by 20. If the net Vimsopaka score is less than five the planet will give bad or inauspicious results in its time period.