What does the See You Later Eren mean?

What does the See You Later Eren mean?

This is a vision of Eren seeing the future and also how things will end up for him, shown in the very first chapter of the manga, A spoiler Isayama put himself which ironically happens to be on the very first page of chapter 1.

Is Eren actually dead Chapter 138?

When chapter 138 of the manga was released, fans could not come to terms with Eren’s death. But none of those theories were true, as the final chapter of the manga confirmed Eren’s death. Therefore Eren will not come back to life. Eren transformed into the founding Titan and died at the hands of the Alliance.

What did Eren say to Mikasa before he died?

“I don’t wanna die, I want to be with Mikasa… With everyone.” Though he does want her to be happy, selfishly, Eren’s desire is to remain at the forefront of her thoughts even long after he’s gone.

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What happened at the end of Chapter 138 AOT?

Attack on Titan readers watched in shock as Mikasa killed Eren at the end of chapter 138 after coming to her senses. The heroine cut Eren’s head from his body after his revived Titan form turned hundreds into pure titans against their will. With her hair cut, Mikasa looks adorable with a long-sleeve shirt and scarf.

What does Mikasa mean see you later?

When she said ,”see you later” what she meant was that she will see him in heaven(or hell). In simple words she will meet him after she is dead.

What did Mikasa mean by Eren come home?

What do you think Mikasa’s “Come home” line meant? Also, judging by Mikasa’s line, she thinks that even though Eren probably acted without the SC’s approval, and basically started a war, the military would let him keep the power of the titans, instead of giving it to someone who’s more “obedient”.

What happened to Mikasa after Eren dies?

Because of her grief over Eren’s death, Mikasa rushes ahead of her comrades and quickly expends all of her gas, stranding herself in the middle of Trost. As two Titans close in on her, she contemplates giving up but is motivated to keep fighting by memories of Eren.

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Why does Eren say he hates Mikasa?

He wanted to hide his true feelings to her and he didn’t himself want to get hurt emotionally. Other than that, Eren didn’t want to include his friends in his grand plan with Zeke, and wanted to do it alone, that’s why he did it to push Mikasa away.

Why Mikasa say see you later?

Mikasa said “see you later”, because in this reality Eren dies by Ymir’s curse. He never did all we saw until now. He didn’t receive Ymir’s Powers. In that case, the loop isn’t broken and they’ll go back together to the first chapter.

Why did Mikasa say See you later to Eren?

In conclusion, Mikasa said “See you later” because she is Eren’s home, and she sincerely wishes that Eren would come back home to her safely. Thanks for reading! Mikasa said “see you later”, because in this reality Eren dies by Ymir’s curse. He never did all we saw until now.

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What happened to Eren in Chapter 138?

The turn of events in chapter 138 actually takes us back to the first chapter of the manga, where Eren woke up crying in front of Mikasa under a big tree, saying that he just experienced a very long dream. Oh~ how things have come full circle…

How many years does Eren have left on his life?

He has 4 years left after which he will die. Remember when the news of Eren dying in season 1 got to mikasa she completely lost her will to live and would have been killed if not for Eren punching that titan. By isolating and antagonizing himself know he wants to free Mikasa and even Armin.

How do you break the slavery chain between Eren and Mikasa?

The only thing that can break the slavery chain is hatred, who knows… Perhaps Eren will be happy to see her without the scarf. This is the only solution I can think of: later in the series, Mikasa may attack him in her -God Mode-if he keeps on hurting her.