What drinks goes well with tacos?

What drinks goes well with tacos?


  • Taco: Carne Asada.
  • Drink: Gimme Some Honey.
  • Taco: Chicken Tinga.
  • Drink: Gin & Tonic.
  • Taco: Rajas Con Crema.
  • Drink: Paloma.
  • Taco: Carnitas.
  • Drink: Tequila Sangria.

What drink goes with Mexican food?

A beer, margarita or michelada (a beer cocktail with lime juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce and spices) is the obvious go-to beverage for Mexican food, but they can completely undercut the flavors of a delicate ceviche or overpower a simple tostada or tamale.

What are popular Mexican drinks?

Top 11 Drinks to Try in Mexico

  • Tequila. Of all the popular shots in Mexico, tequila is the most famous, and it’s found behind bars all over the world.
  • Mezcal. Mezcal is tequila’s smoky cousin.
  • Raicilla.
  • Margarita.
  • Paloma.
  • Carajillo.
  • Craft Beers.
  • Michelada.
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What kind of beer goes with tacos?

Mexican Lagers like Corona, Pacifico, Modelo, and Tecate are largely enjoyed with tacos and Mexican food for their characteristics of being easy to drink, good at washing down spice, and acting as a palate cleanser.

What goes with tacos for a party?

Classic sides include Mexican rice, refried beans, Fiesta Salad, chips and salsa, as well as guacamole. For a more adventurous menu go for fried plantains, a bright citrus salad, homemade queso dip, or even homemade churros.

What drink goes best with Birria tacos?

Recommended wines for:

  • German Riesling. wine type.
  • Chilean Sauvignon Blanc. wine type. white wine, dry.
  • Chilean Merlot. wine type.

What wine is good with tacos?

Timeless Taco & Vino Pairings

  • Al Pastor Tacos + Rioja, Zinfandel, or Pinot Noir.
  • Chicken Tacos + Vinho Verde, Pinot Noir, or Gamay.
  • Fish Tacos + Sauvignon Blanc, Albariño, or Cava.
  • Veggie Tacos + Grüner Veltliner, rosé, or Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Carne Asada + Malbec, Grenache, or Tempranillo.
  • Carnitas + Pinot Noir or rosé

What wine goes with pork tacos?

Pork and Carnitas Tacos The perfect wine for pork or carnitas taco pairings is a nice Pinot Noir. A Pinot Noir has a bold cherry flavor with a hint of spice that is ideal for anyone looking to accentuate the flavors of the meat.

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What is traditional Mexican drink?

Margarita Everybody’s favourite cocktail, the classic margarita, is a Mexican staple. The traditional recipe is either served on the rocks or blended and made from lime juice, tequila, and triple sec, served in a sugar rimmed glass to soften the bitterness.

What is the most popular mixed drink in Mexico?

Paloma. The paloma is quite possibly Mexico’s most popular cocktail. Made with tequila, grapefruit soda (think Squirt, Fresca or Jarito’s) and lime, the paloma is super-refreshing and as genuinely Mexican as it gets. If you’re feeling fancy, you can make your paloma with club soda and grapefruit juice.

What wine goes well with tacos?

What is the best Mexican beer?

20 Best Mexican Beers

  • Corona Extra. Corona might be a more famous beer outside of Mexico than within it.
  • Dos Equis. Dos Equis is another Mexican staple at U.S. grocery stores, bars, and liquor stores.
  • Victoria.
  • El Secreto 1881 Malta Dorada.
  • Indio.
  • Pacifico.
  • Falling Piano Coahuila 99.
  • Negra Modelo.

What are the best beverages to pair with tacos?

Sangria is another wonderful taco pairing beverage. The red wine and brandy bring out the savory flavors of the taco meat. The fruit in this drink also makes for a refreshing and sweet dessert for after the meal.

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What kind of wine goes with pork tacos?

Juicy braised pork tacos pair well with a brightly acidic fruity rosé or a light red like Pinot Noir. If you love white wine, you could also choose a medium-bodied White Rhône Blend with notes of lemon and brioche. The right wine can help bring out the many flavors in your favorite tacos.

What to drink with a grilled carne asada Taco?

Whiskey and steak are a match made in heaven, so it’s a no-brainer to drink a classic Old Fashioned with a grilled carne asada taco. Choose rye over whisky for a spicier sip, or try bourbon if you want something sweeter to pair with the smoky beef.

What whiskey goes with taco meat?

The whiskey in this drink is renowned for its sultry pairing with steak, making it a perfect match for taco meat. For a sweeter drink, add a little more sugar and bourbon. Or, for a spicier kick to go with the taco seasonings, consider rye whiskey instead.