What happens after buying IPO?

What happens after buying IPO?

Following an IPO, the company’s shares are traded on a stock exchange. Some of the main motivations for undertaking an IPO include: raising capital from the sale of the shares, providing liquidity to company founders and early investors, and taking advantage of a higher valuation.

Do IPO usually go up?

Yes, most IPOs go up and surge on their first opening day because on the opening day there is no one to sell the stocks immediately as compared to older IPOs so the company gives 3 days for the investors to invest and on the fourth day it releases it’s share price after investors invest.

What company gives IPO?

IPOs Listed in 2021

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Issuing Company Listing Price (on NSE unless the stock is listed only on the BSE) Listing Premium/ Discount
Policy Bazaar Rs 1,150 17.35\%
Fino Payments Bank Rs 544 -5.72\%
Nykaa Rs 2018 79.38\%
Aditya Birla AMC Rs 715 0.42\%

How much profit does an IPO make?

So if you applied for IPO of above stocks and sold them on listing day closing price then you can easily make 250\% profit as per the statistics. Having said that it is important to understand the listing strategy as well. In coming paragraphs I will list out the details on how to invest in IPO for better profitability.

What makes a strong IPO?

A unique and differentiated business model. An attractive product or service, preferably one with a competitive advantage or first-mover status that creates a “moat” Strong topline revenue growth with significant, sustainable and visible projected revenue growth. Strong margins and cash flow generation.

When will the EaseMyTrip IPO list?

The EaseMyTrip IPO open date is Mar 8, 2021, and the close date is Mar 10, 2021. The issue may list on Mar 19, 2021. The EaseMyTrip IPO market lot size is 80 shares. A retail-individual investor can apply for up to 13 lots (1040 shares or ₹194,480).

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Who are the promoters of EaseMyTrip?

The Promoters of this company are MR. NISHANT PITTI, MR. RIKANT PITTIE And MR. PRASHANT PITTI. The lead manager to the issue is Axis Capital Limited, JM Financial Limited. The Registrar to this issue is KFin Technologies Private Limited. The opening and the closing date of EaseMyTrip IPO is Mar 8, 2021 and Mar 10, 2021.

What is easyeasy trip planners IPO?

Easy Trip Planners IPO is an internet-based company, which opened in the Indian stock market long after matrimony.com’s listing. It was opened for subscription from 08 March 2021 to 10 March 2021. Easy Trip Planners Limited is the second largest online travel agency in terms of gross booking revenue (after MakeMyTrip Limited).

What is the opening and closing date for the IPO 2021?

Answer – The opening and closing date for the IPO have been updated. The IPO is set to open on Mar 8, 2021, while the closing date is set at Mar 10, 2021. Ques – What is the IPO Allotment Date?

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