What is a cornice drop?

What is a cornice drop?

A snow cornice forms by wind blowing snow over sharp terrain breaks (e.g. the crest of the mountain) where it attaches and builds out horizontally. In avalanche safety, cornices are a high avalanche danger as they often break and trigger larger avalanches that permeate several snow layers.

How do you spot a cornice?

Cornice hazards are fairly easy to spot from below and from the side, so it should be easy enough to avoid travelling uphill in their potential slide paths. When travelling on a ridge, however, they can be much harder to pinpoint. Remember, cornices form on lee slopes and lee side of terrain features.

What are cornice fall avalanches?

Cornice Fall Avalanches: Cornices are elegant, cantilevered snow structures formed by wind drifting snow onto the downwind side of an obstacle such as a ridgeline. Cornices have a very nasty habit of breaking farther back than you expect.

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What is a raking cornice?

Definition of raking cornice : a cornice that follows the slope of a gable or pediment.

How do you drop a cornice?

There are three basic ways to cut a cornice: kicking them with your skis, cutting them with a Bonesaw (attached to a ski pole), and cutting them with a knotted cord. For the first two methods, it’s more than a good idea to be belayed to an anchor, as you’re probably right on the breaking point.

What is a cornice climbing?

In mountaineering a cornice is an overhanging ledge of snow on the edge of a ridge, cliff, or crest of a mountain. Cornices form by wind blowing snow over the leeward edge in successive layers. They can be very dangerous from traveling above and below them.

What is rake Mould?

A RAKING moulding is a term used for mouldings which are inclined ; as, in a gable, a moulding following the pitch or slope of the roof. To make a miter between a rake moulding and a level moulding, the profile or outline of one of them must be modified in order that the joint may be made.

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What is rake mold?

: a slanted molding (as in a pediment)

How do you ski off a cornice?

How to… Ski Off Cliff Drops & Cornices

  1. Select the right drop. If this is your first drop, start small.
  2. Mark your take off spot. Make sure you also mark your take off: either by a rock, some visible grass – or you can mark the spot with your pole before you go.
  3. Control your speed.
  4. For balance, Pop!
  5. Nail the landing.

What is the temperature of Baldy chute?

Main Baldy Chute is a screamer that hits 44 degrees, not counting obligatory airtime off the cornice that forms up top. Main Chute is actually the easiest option for reaching the Ballroom Bowl below.

How do I get to the Alta chute run?

Like most Alta runs, the chutes here deal a few quad-firing turns before gradually lightening up. To get there, take Supreme lift and exit toward Back Forty and So Long.

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What is Alta Ski Area known for?

Alta Ski Area near Salt Lake City is famous for some of the deepest powder snow and challenging terrain in the west. Many of the world’s best skiers cut their teeth at Alta, and come back to get their kicks on this classic mountain.

What are the spiney chutes?

Flying under the radar of many would-be powder pilots are the Spiney Chutes. They are deceptively steep at the top, which you will quickly discover as you dive into the trees on a 40+ degree drop in. Like most Alta runs, the chutes here deal a few quad-firing turns before gradually lightening up.