What is classed as poor attendance at school?

What is classed as poor attendance at school?

a child has poor attendance (eight sessions (half days) or more of unauthorised absence in the last six weeks) 10 sessions/5 days or more of absence due to an unauthorised leave of absence during term time. A child who has been excluded from school is seen in a public place in the first five days of an exclusion.

How do I check my class attendance in AKTU ERP?

How to use AKTU Attendance Monitoring System

  1. Step 1: Institute director will log in at AKTU-ERP.
  2. Click on Section Mapping.
  3. Click on Student to Section Menu.
  4. Creating a Register.
  5. This step is meant faculties to mark attendance of students on daily basis.
  6. AKTU AMS Student Login.
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What is the attendance criteria in AKTU?

Officially, the attendance criteria is 75\% in AKTU but in most of the cases this criteria is not strictly followed. It depends on the college administration. Some colleges are very strict regarding the attendance criteria while most of them are flexible. Moreover, it also varies from department to department in the same college.

What percentage of attendance is required for appearing in internal exams?

Generally in most of the colleges 75 \% attendence is mandatory for appearing in internal exams…

Is there any attendance percentage for the KIIT medical exams?

Well, yes. KIIT is pretty strict about attendance percentage. 75\% is the minimum compulsory attendance. If you have attendance below 75\% but above 65\%, you’d be required to give a medical certificate to be eligible to give the exams. 60\% above is also considered if you can get a good reason on the medical certificate.

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What happens if a candidate is short of perecentage of attendance?

If the candidate is still short of the required perecentage of attendance within three needs of the commencement of the examination, the Head of the institution shall report the case to the regional Officer concerned immediately.