What is Flaxseed called in Marathi in Hindi?

What is Flaxseed called in Marathi in Hindi?

Here is some more useful information : Flaxseeds are known as ALSI in Hindi, Gujarati, and Punjabi, Ali Vidai in Tamil. In Marathi, it is also known as jawas, alashi, and linseed. n Bengali, it is known as Tishi, in Oriya its Pesi. In Kannada, its called Agasi, and telugu people call it Avise ginzalu.

What is flax seeds in Konkani?

Flax seeds are called as, agase beeja (ಅಗಸೆ ಬೀಜ, ನಾರಗಸೆಯ ಬೀಜ) in Kannada, Ali Vidai in Tamil, Jawas or Alashi in Marathi, Alsi Bee in Konkani, Tishi or Pesi in Bengali, Cheruchanavith or Cheruchana Vithu in Malayalam and Avise Ginzalu in Telugu.

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What is Alsi called in English?

In English, it is known as Flaxseed, Flax, Linseed. In Kannada, it is known as Agasi, Agasebeeja.

What do we call flax seeds in Hindi?

Flaxseed (also spelled flax seed) is also known as linseed. In Hindi, its more formal name is “alsi ke beej.” You can look for “alsi” or “alasi” and still get the flaxseeds you intend to buy (if you are shopping).

What is mean by oats in Marathi?

IPA: oʊtMarathi: ओट

What is mean by cinnamon in Marathi?

Definition in Marathi: सुगंधी एक मसाला म्हणून वापरली जाणारी फांदी

How do you eat flax seeds?


  1. Add a tablespoon of ground flaxseed to your hot or cold breakfast cereal.
  2. Add a teaspoon of ground flaxseed to mayonnaise or mustard when making a sandwich.
  3. Mix a tablespoon of ground flaxseed into an 8-ounce container of yogurt.
  4. Bake ground flaxseed into cookies, muffins, breads and other baked goods.
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Is ALSI and chia seeds same?

The main difference lies in what each of the seeds tastes like and looks like. Chia Seeds are tiny, black or white, oval-shaped seeds that are neutral in flavor, whilst flax seeds are flatter and bigger than chia seeds and have a slightly nutty flavor.