What is I-Shift multi-axle Volvo?

What is I-Shift multi-axle Volvo?

Continuing this tradition, the company has introduced its revolutionary I-Shift on its multi-axle coach. Volvo I-Shift is a 12-speed manual gearbox with an automated gearchanging system. The starting gear is selected automatically according to the road gradient and vehicle load, which makes driving extremely easy.

What is an I-Shift transmission?

I-Shift automatically selects the best gear for the engine, allowing every driver to shift like a fuel-efficiency expert. The I-Shift transmission management system employs a next generation microprocessor to deliver “intelligent” features that improve drivability, safety and fuel efficiency.

How does Volvo shift work?

The I-Shift is programmed with Volvo’s engine efficiency map for each engine rating. It works with special road sensors to continuously calculate the vehicle’s speed, acceleration, torque demand, weight, rolling and air resistance, and road grade in 30-sec. intervals to optimize engine performance and fuel.

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How many gears does a Volvo bus have?

“The bus with I-shift technology comes with 12 gears and alloy wheels, adding to driving convenience and fuel efficiency. These buses will cover about 40,000 km per month as against 30,000 km without such transmission.

How much gear is in a bus?

You have to be more specific. Buses usually have engines ranging from 5L ( 5000 cc ) to 12L ( 12000 cc ), which also employ variety of transmission modes. Usually, city transport buses and buses used for commuting company employees have a 6 speed gearbox ( 6 forward speeds and 1 reverse ) manual transmission.

How many gears does a Volvo I-Shift have?

The Volvo I-Shift is an automated manual transmission developed by Volvo subsidiary Volvo Powertrain AB for Volvo Trucks and Volvo Buses, with 12 forward gears and 4 reverse gears.

Is I-Shift automatic or manual?

I-Shift is the most advanced automated manual transmission on the market. It improves fuel efficiency and reduces wear on both your engine and your left leg. The electronic control unit shifts perfectly no matter the terrain and no matter what you’re carrying.

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What is the cost of Volvo multi axle bus in India?

Volvo has priced this bus at Rs. 85 lakh (ex-factory).

What is the CC of Volvo Bus?

10800 cc
Engine and Performance

Max. Power 410 hp@1600-1900 rpm
Emission Norms Compliance BSIV
Engine D11C 410 Turbocharged, Intercooled
Engine Cylinders 6
Engine Displacement 10800 cc