What is it like living in an assisted living facility?

What is it like living in an assisted living facility?

Assisted living offers a level of care that is appropriate for seniors who do not need the full-time attention of a nursing home but need assistance with meals, transportation, medication, and daily activities like bathing and dressing. Many older adults feel lonely and isolated living at home.

How do I prepare myself for assisted living?

Getting Prepared: Before the Move

  1. Choose the right community.
  2. Research assisted living costs.
  3. After choosing a community, arrange a time to visit or tour it at least one more time before moving in.
  4. Pack efficiently and deliberately.
  5. Make sure all logistical and “housekeeping” items are taken care of.
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How do you know when it’s time to move to assisted living?

5 ways to know if moving to assisted living is needed

  1. Your older adult behaves aggressively.
  2. Their care needs have become too high for safe home care.
  3. They constantly try to leave the house and are at high risk for getting lost or injured.
  4. In-home care costs are too high.

What do you say to someone moving into assisted living?

Just trust me, I’m making the best choice for you.

  • It will be a lot more fun than living at home alone!
  • You’ll get used to it.
  • Change is good!
  • Before long, it will feel just like home.
  • You’ll meet friends your own age.
  • When is the right time to move to assisted living?

    A worsening of medical conditions,an increased number of falls and overall increased frailty.

  • Difficulty managing domestic finances or other money problems.
  • Difficulty keeping the house clean and a decline in ability to care for oneself.
  • Depression or social isolation.
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    What to know before moving to an assisted living community?

    Find the right community.

  • Stay close.
  • Highlight the good stuff.
  • Don’t take over.
  • Don’t ignore negative emotions.
  • Throw a small home warming party.
  • Keep an eye on your loved one’s health.
  • Find resident activities.
  • Eat together.
  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep.
  • How to prepare for a move to assisted living?

    Research Assisted Living Facilities.

  • Start Downsizing Early.
  • Keep the Old,Don’t Bring in the New.
  • Communicate Honestly.
  • Expect Rough Patches.
  • Keep Connected.
  • Be Intentional With Your Visits.
  • Reach Out to Friends and Family.
  • Get to Know the Staff.
  • How to settle into assisted living?

    – Talk to staff and administrators – Visit prospective communities – Read reviews – Assess activities and amenities – Gauge how your loved one will get along with other residents – Explore meal selection – Other details important to you and your loved one