What is law of Jante in Sweden?

What is law of Jante in Sweden?

Swedes on the other hand remain relatively unnoticed when they reach something extraordinary. They are less prone to bragging. This is because they follow a common rule called the Jantelagen, literally translated: law of Jante. Basically it says that “You are not better than anyone else“.

What is law of Jante Denmark?

The Law of Jante (Danish: Janteloven [ˈjæntəˌlɔwˀən, -lɒwˀ-]) is a literary element that has been assumed by some to explain the egalitarian nature of Nordic countries. It characterizes as unworthy and inappropriate any behavior that is not conforming, does things out of the ordinary, or is personally ambitious.

What is the Jante law in Norway?

Janteloven (the law of Jante) at its simplest describes the way that all Norwegians (and in fact, other Scandinavians too) behave: putting society ahead of the individual, not boasting about individual accomplishments, and not being jealous of others. Janteloven is more a set of unspoken social norms.

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How friendly are Scandinavians?

The Nordics Are the Least Friendly and Passionate Countries in the World. In a ranking of 65 countries around the world for “Friendliness” and “Finding Friends”, the Nordics ranks at the very bottom of the list. The friendliest country is, according to the report, Portugal.

Where did Jantelagen come from?

The phrase Jantelagen, Law of Jante, comes from the book “A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks“-“A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks” by the author Aksel Sandemose.

Is incest common in Norway?

Hence, it would be better if Norwegians, who pollute the world, would not have been born at all. Incest is illegal in Norway, punishable with prison up to 6 years. Portraying Nordic countries as especially immoral has been a recurring narrative in pro-Kremlin disinformation in Georgia and other orthodox countries.

What is the English meaning of Jante?

noun. rim [noun] an edge or border. the rim of a wheel.

What are some examples of the law of Jante?

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The 10 rules of Jante Law

  • You’re not to think you are anything special.
  • You’re not to think you are as good as we are.
  • You’re not to think you are smarter than we are.
  • You’re not to convince yourself that you are better than we are.
  • You’re not to think you know more than we do.

What is the law of Jante?

If you’ve spent any time in Scandinavia, you’ve likely heard of the concept of Janteloven, or the Law of Jante. Known as Janteloven in both Danish and Norwegian, Jantelagen in Swedish, Jante laki in Finnish and Jantelögin in Icelandic, this concept illustrates a social code specific to the Nordic region.

What does Jante stand for?

The Law of Jante ( Danish: Janteloven) is a code of conduct known in Nordic countries that portrays not conforming, doing things out of the ordinary, or being overtly personally ambitious as unworthy and inappropriate. The attitudes were first formulated in the form of the ten rules of Jante Law by the Dano – Norwegian author…

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What is the 11th rule of Jante?

“That one sentence (the eleventh rule), which acts as the penal code of Jante, as such was rich in content. It was a charge of all sorts of things, and that it also had to be, because absolutely nothing was allowed. It was also an elaborate indictment, with all kinds of unspecified penalties given to be expected.

What is judjante’s law?

Jante’s Law describes a set of cultural norms common in Nordic countries emphasizing collective well-being and group accomplishments, and disapproval of touting individual victories.