What is so special about Sadhguru?

What is so special about Sadhguru?

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is a multi-facet personality; he is a famous philanthropist, spiritual leader, and author. He works indefatigably for creating harmony between body mind and spirit. Sadhguru is famous worldwide for its Isha-foundation. He spread knowledge on yoga and well-being of folks.

Is Cauvery calling genuine?

“The Cauvery Calling project is an initiative by Isha Outreach. It is not a project by the Government of Karnataka. It is also clarified that the saplings planted as a part of the Cauvery Calling project are planted in the lands belonging to farmers and not in Government lands.”

What Sadhguru says about depression?

“#Depression is a state of low mood that affects a person’s thought, behaviour, feeling & sense of well-being. One must take up activities that keep him or her boosted in order to cope with depression. #SwasthaBharat #MentalHealth #LetsTalk”.

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What is the breakfast of Sadhguru?

Peanuts for breakfast: Sadhguru says that people should consume peanuts for breakfast, because it contains all those essential elements which are necessary for the body. He further states that, for a long time, he himself used to live by eating soaked peanuts and bananas throughout the day.

What Sadhguru says about love?

“You fall in love, because something of who you are has to go. It essentially means someone else has become far more important than yourself.”

What Sadhguru says about fear?

Sadhguru talks about living in fear. He says, “You are protected from life itself. Your fear is never about what has happened. Your fear is always about what may happen.

Who funded Isha Foundation?

Isha Foundation/Founders

Is Isha a trust?

Isha Foundation is a non-profit, spiritual organisation founded in 1992 near Coimbatore, India, by Jaggi Vasudev. It hosts the Isha Yoga Centre, which offers yoga programs under the name Isha Yoga. The foundation is run “almost entirely” by volunteers.

What sadhguru says about fear?

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Does Bieber have depression?

Justin Bieber reveals he experienced suicidal thoughts in new documentary. In a revealing new documentary titled “Justin Bieber: Next Chapter,” the singer admits that he struggled with suicidal thoughts in the past, and opens up about his experience with depression and feelings of loneliness.

Why is sadhguru 108 times?

We look at the nature of the chakras or junction points of nadis, and the significance of the seven fundamental ones. That’s why we chant Gayithri manthra 108 times 🙂 You live in Apt # 108! On a mala, or set of mantra counting beads, there are generally 108 beads, or some fraction of that number.

What does Sadhguru say about personality?

– Sadhguru “The personality is like a smell, the stronger the personality, the stronger the stench.” – Sadhguru “Don’t try and fix the fruit, fix the root.” – Sadhguru “If you try to live that which is past, that which IS will bypass you.” – Sadhguru “Tomorrow” is the deepest cunning of your mind.” – Sadhguru

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What are Jaggi Vasudev’s dark secrets?

And I love jaggi for the sensible things and good works. He has no dark secrets. It’s all out in the open. All you need is a working brain to figure him out. He’s been promoting pseudoscience for a long time but even the so-called literate people seem to fall for it.

What is Sadhguru doing to increase green cover in southern India?

Sadhguru plants tree saplings with millions of volunteers to increase green cover in Southern India. People said Sadhguru has cut down hundreds of trees and even entire forest. Sadhguru tried to protect the tribals from commercial interest in the area. People said Sadhguru is doing unspeakable things to tribal people

Why doesn’t Sadhguru talk about the afterlife?

The reason Sadhguru doesn’t encourage anyone to talk about things that are not yet a part of their experience (Gods, Heavens, Hells, Devils, Demons, Spirits, Souls, Reincarnation, the afterlife etc.) is because it only leads to delusions and fantasies instead of the real thing.