What is the crime rate in Juneau?

What is the crime rate in Juneau?

With a crime rate of 49 per one thousand residents, Juneau has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 20.

What is the number one crime in Alaska?

Alaska’s violent crime rate of 838 incidents for every 100,000 people makes Alaska the most violent state in the nation. The vast majority of violent crimes reported in Alaska in 2020 — 69\% — were aggravated assault.

Does Alaska have a high crime rate?

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Crime in the U.S. state of Alaska is exceptionally high and is present in various forms. Crime rates in Alaska are among the highest in the U.S.

What is the cost of living in Juneau Alaska?

Juneau cost of living is 121.5

COST OF LIVING Juneau Alaska
Overall 121.5 125.8
Grocery 134.4 141.7
Health 112.3 113
Housing 168.7 134.3

Is downtown Juneau safe?

You’re completely safe in Alaska – in downtown Juneau or hiking alone into the wilderness.

Are groceries expensive in Juneau?

Juneau has grocery prices that are 44\% higher than the national average. Healthcare in Juneau is 56\% higher than the national average.

Do people like living in Juneau Alaska?

Juneau is a great place for people who love the outdoors, beautiful scenery, and a community. The community is big enough to support a decent gathering and small enough to still have that small town vibe. You’ll always see someone you know, no matter where you go. Juneau has something for everyone.

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Is Juneau Alaska a good place to live?

When talking about Juneau, one thing always comes to mind – outdoors. Juneau is a town that is perfect for those that love the outdoors. It has access to oceans, islands, and amazing wildlife. Aside from that, there are mountains and a lot more to explore.

Why is Juneau the capital of Alaska?

The capital city of Alaska, Juneau, has a rich and as magnificent history as its landscapes. Juneau is a magnet for thousands of visitors and workers. Each year, this corner of Alaska sees boatloads of people. Some are visiting. Some are keeping their fingers crossed at finding jobs and eventually moving in.

What should I know before moving to Juneau Alaska?

You should know that Juneau (that rhymes!) is cut off from the rest of the universe. What lies between Juneau and the rest of the world is a 1,500 square-mile ice field. Add to that are rugged mountains as well as the ocean. When planning to live in Juneau, know that you have limited transportation options.

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What to do in Juneau in the winter?

Juneau has destinations that are perfect for winter as well as for summer. There are enough pockets of Juneau for fishing, hiking, biking, and a lot more. And when you’re done for the day, there are pubs or places for the movies you can head to.