What is the criteria for year back in aktu?

What is the criteria for year back in aktu?

1. When student gets 1000 marks but having 4 backs then he/she is promoted to next year. 2. When student gets 1000 marks but get 5 backs then he is not promoted to next year and have in year back situation.

How much attendance is required in aktu?

However, for each subject a minimum attendance of 75\% will be necessary. The Principal/Director of the Institute may condone the absence, on medical reasons, further, up to a maximum of 15\% limit. No further relaxation in attendance will be admissible. Thus, a student must have at least 60\% attendance.

What is NPTY?

Not Promoted in Third Year.

What is a year back at AKTU in 1st semester?

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Year back at aktu in 1st semester is mainly when u fail in atleast 6 subjects out of 12 in first and second senester. It also depends on your credits. I have a classmate who failed in 6 subjects in both semesters but got pcp (passed with carry over paper) status on her result.

What is the course duration of MCA in AKTU?

The course duration for Master of Computer Application and the Master of Business Administration degrees is three years. MCA is of two years. Admission to all these courses are through UPSEE, an entrance examination conducted by AKTU to get admission in the university.

What is the percentage relaxation for lateral admission in AKTU?

Relaxation of 5\% marks for SC/ST candidates. AKTU also accepts 20\% of total sanctioned candidates on the basis of JEE Main as per the State Govt. norms. For lateral admission, candidates should have minimum 60\% of marks in 3-4 years diploma or B.Sc from a recognized university sanctioned by U.P board of education.

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What is the passing rule of aaktu?

AKTU i.e APJ Abdul Kalam University has changed the passing rules for students. Now students have to earn 50\% credit only by adding Theory Exam and Practical Exam “Credits”. Before this rule, students have to earn 60\% credits separately in Theory Exam and Practical Exams.