What is the difference between NLU and other law colleges?

What is the difference between NLU and other law colleges?

In NLUs, the college only teaches law but in the private colleges, the students can interact with students and peers from other departments and courses such as engineering, management, mass communication, etc. which proves beneficial to expand the reach and improve versatility among the law students.

Does it matter what school you go to for law school?

Deciding which law school to attend is probably the biggest decision you’ll make regarding your legal career. It’s generally accepted that the school on your resume carries a lot more weight when you’ve just passed the bar and you’re looking for your first position. It will matter less years down the road.

Is it worth doing LLB from NLU?

It is true that all the students can become legal practitioners after graduating with BCI (Bar Council of India) approved law courses, but studying in NLU is the way to get into corporate as well for the students. The top law firms nationally and internationally prefer to acquire young law graduates from the NLUs.

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What is a national law school?

National schools are law schools that are ranked highly and have a name that is nationally recognized. Graduating from one of these schools usually allows you to practice law in any region, not just the region that the school is in.

Is Du better than NLU?

Read in detail about DU and NLU before arriving at a decision….The differences between the two law institutes are mentioned below:

Campus placements NLU has a wide range of courses and hence the number of companies going to NLU for campus placements is more Comparatively low

How many students pass CLAT every year?

Common Law Admission Test

Acronym CLAT
Restrictions on attempts None
Countries / regions India
Languages English
Annual number of test takers 77,000 (approx.)

Can a poor student study in NLU?

Apart from this there are various types of scholarships available with NLUs for students who are economically weaker. Desired students can takes the benefits from them. The needy students will be provided need based scholarship financial assistance to pursue their studies at NLU-Delhi.

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