What is the hardest country name to say?

What is the hardest country name to say?

How many of these 28 frequently mispronounced countries can you pronounce correctly?

  • Nevis: NEE-vus.
  • Paraguay: pare-uh-GW’EYE.
  • Qatar: KUT-uhr.
  • Seychelles: say-SHELL.
  • Tajikistan: taj-JEEK-eh-stahn.
  • Thailand: TYE-land. THIGH-land.
  • Uruguay: yuhr-uh-GW’EYE. uhr-ah-GWAY.
  • Uzbekistan: ooz-BEHK-eh-stahn. ooz-BEH-kis-stahn.

What are countries actual names?

List of countries and codes

Short name Official name ISO3
Albania the Republic of Albania ALB
Algeria the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria DZA
Andorra the Principality of Andorra AND
Angola the Republic of Angola AGO

Which country has difficult names?

Maldives, Iraq, Uruguay, Niger – These are some countries that are really hard to pronounce. It’s about time to learn the right way to pronounce them.

Which countries have had the most difficult name changes?

Perhaps the most complex series of country name changes revolve around a central European country that no longer exists. Yugoslavia was first cobbled together out of the wreckage of World War I and was officially called the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes.

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What are the most difficult countries to pronounce?

If you want to show off your globetrotting savviness — while saving yourself from side eye — learn from this guide how to say some of the most difficult-to-pronounce countries in the world. From Sri Lanka to Iran, Kyrgyzstan to Qatar, we’ve got you covered.

What countries used to be called different names?

Countries that used to be referred to as different names include Benin which was formerly known as Dahomey, Burkina Faso which was previously known as Upper Volta, Democratic Republic of the Congo which was formerly known as Zaire, and Sri Lanka which was formerly known as Ceylon.

What are some countries with a new name after independence?

Botswana adopted the new name after independence. Botswana is named after “Tswana,” the largest ethnic group in the country, also referred to as Bechuana in older variant orthography. 4. Ceylon/Sri Lanka Sri Lanka has been known by several names over time.

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