What is the lowest sounding clarinet?

What is the lowest sounding clarinet?

contrabass clarinet
The contrabass clarinet is a Bb instrument. It’s the lowest pitched of the commonly used clarinets, one octave lower than the bass clarinet.

What key is the alto clarinet in?

The alto clarinet is part of the family of clarinets in the clarinet choir and full modern concert band. In this clarinet family the instruments alternate in the keys of Eb and Bb and include the Eb soprano, Bb soprano, Eb alto, Bb bass, Eb contra-‐Alto, and Bb contra-‐bass clarinets.

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How long is an alto clarinet?

The Eb Alto Clarinet, at 43 inches long, is said to be the modern form of the bassett horn.

How do you put together an alto clarinet?

Starts here5:46The Basics: How to put a Bass Clarinet together, reeds and all.YouTube

What is the lowest note on alto clarinet?

The alto clarinet’s lowest sounding note is the G-flat on the bottom of the bass staff.

How do you transpose alto clarinet?

It is a transposing instrument in the key of E flat, and sounds a major 6th lower than the written pitch. Thus, the lowest written note (E flat), when performed, actually produces the pitch G. Another way to think of it is that performing a written C on the instrument will produce the pitch of E flat.

How do you describe the sound of a clarinet?

Rich, mellow, warm, gentle, melodic, vocal, round, lustrous, brilliant, bright, throaty, penetrating, dark, menacing, dramatic, explosive, incisive, expressive, shrill, reedy, caressing, pale, lively.

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What is the range of the E♭ clarinet?

The E♭ has the same number of keys as the B♭ clarinet and operates on the same fingering system. Its written range extends from the E below the staff up to the G two octaves above the staff. This translates to concert pitches at the G below the staff up to the B♭ above the staff.

How much does an alto clarinet cost?

A good intermediate-level alto clarinet will typically be priced at around $2,000. Professional models often cost about $7,000. 9.

What is the difference between the alto clarinet and basset horn?

While the alto clarinet and the basset horn look very similar, they are descendants of different instruments. The alto clarinet is pitched in E♭ with a range extending from the second octave below middle C (concert G 2) to the second octave above middle C (E♭ 6).

Is the a clarinet easier to play than the B clarinet?

The A clarinet plays the same as and is no easier than the B♭ clarinet. But when playing a clarinet in the key of A, many orchestra pieces are in easier keys than they would be with a B♭ instrument. The A clarinet was invented in the mid-18th century.

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