What is the most northern railway station?

What is the most northern railway station?

Karskaya station
Karskaya station, at the end of the extension of the Obskaya–Bovanenkovo Line, in Russia, is the most northerly railway station in the world.

What is the most southerly railway station in the UK?

Royal opening of Truthall Halt – Britain’s most southerly station – Helston Railway.

What is the most westerly railway station in Britain?

Arisaig, the most westerly railway station in Britain.

What is the highest train station in the UK?

Corrour is the highest railway station in the UK, on the stunning West Highland Line.

Where is the highest railway station in England and Wales?

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At an altitude of 1,392 feet (424 m) above sea level, Waenavon was the highest railway station on a standard gauge line in Wales….Waenavon railway station.

Station site in August 2012.
Location Waen Wen, Clydach Gorge, Torfaen Wales
Coordinates 51.7924°N 3.1348°WCoordinates:51.7924°N 3.1348°W
Grid reference SO218110

What is the least used railway station in the world?

Shippea Hill is a request stop 77 miles 17 chains (124.26 km) from London Liverpool Street via Cambridge, in one of the few areas within Burnt Fen which rise just above sea level. The station is on the A1101 road between Littleport and Mildenhall.

What is the most easterly railway station in Britain?

Lowestoft is 23 miles 41 chains (37.8 km) down the line from Norwich and 48 miles 75 chains (78.8 km) measured from Ipswich; and is the easternmost station on the National Rail network in the United Kingdom.

Is Penzance the end of the line?

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Penzance is the terminus of the Cornish Main Line. The journey time to or from London Paddington station is between five and six hours and there are additional services as far as Plymouth and Exeter St Davids.

Which UK station has the most platforms?

London Waterloo
List of busiest railway stations in Great Britain

Rank Railway Station Number of platforms
1 London Waterloo 24 (Platforms 25 and 26 are part of the Underground)
2 London Victoria 19
3 London Liverpool Street 18
4 London Bridge 15

What is the name of the highest railway station on the Settle to Carlisle line?

Dent Dent station
Dent. Dent station is England’s highest mainline station, standing as it does at 1,150 feet above sea level and providing spectacular views of Dentdale.

Where is the longest railway station?

Gorakhpur Junction railway station
Gorakhpur Junction railway station (station code:GKP) is located in the city of Gorakhpur in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It has the world’s longest railway platform.

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Where is the longest train station in Wales?

Llanfairpwll railway station

Location Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, Anglesey Wales
Coordinates 53.221°N 4.209°WCoordinates:53.221°N 4.209°W
Grid reference SH525715
Owned by Network Rail