What is the Pind?

What is the Pind?

PIND. A PIND test is a Particle Impact Noise Detection test. According to method 2020.8 of MIL-STD-883, the purpose of a PIND test is to detect loose particles inside an electronics device cavity.

What is Pind called in English?

/pinḍa/ mn. ball countable noun. A ball is something that has a round shape.

What does Jatt mean?

A member of an agricultural people of N India and Pakistan. noun. 7. 2. A member of a peasant caste residing in the Punjab and other areas of northern India and Pakistan, comprising Muslim, Hindu, and Sikh groups.

What is Pind in science?

A pinhole neutron diffraction (PIND) technique was developed to enable improving the spatial resolution down to 250 μm.

What is the meaning of gurjar?

Gurjar or Gujjar (also transliterated as Gujar, Gurjara and Gujjer ) is an ethnic agricultural and pastoral community of India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Historical references speak of Gurjara warriors and commoners in North India in the 7th century CE, and mention several Gurjara kingdoms and dynasties.

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What is the meaning of the Punjabi word ‘pindu’?

In Punjabi ‘Pind’ means ‘village’. So, ‘pendu’ refers to anyone from a village. However, that is not the context anymore. These days someone who is called ‘pendu’ will most likely take offense.

What is the meaning of the Hindi word pind?

Pind means a village. a community of people smaller than a town a settlement smaller than a town it was mainly a residential district of Manhattan; the Village ‘ became a home for many writers and artists in the 20th century in hindi it’s called “Gaon.

What is the meaning of Sadke in Punjabi?

Punjabi word “Sadke” (صدقے) — correct transliteration is “sadquay” — comes from Arabic word “Sadquah” (صدقہ) which means charity, sacrifice. This word is often part of different terminologies of endearment and itself is used as such on its own.

What is the difference between Pindi and Bhindi in Punjab?

Pindi is a type of dough also which is used for making idlis and dosas also. Pindi is pronounced for Bhindi also in Punjab. Bhindi is a vegetable mostly prepared in the summer ., Actually word ‘ Bh is pronounced as P in Punjab. Such as Bhainji is pronounced as painji , praaji , Bhawna as Paawna ,Bh

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