What is the purpose of a spread axle?

What is the purpose of a spread axle?

Spread axles on enclosed car trailers help to balance the weight between the race car and other heavy cargo like a workbench/tool storage area in the trailer’s front portion.

What is the benefit of a spread axle trailer?

Among the advantages of wider spaced axles is the stability while loading and unloading the trailer. The weight between the axles is also distributed better comparing to tandem axles. Spread axle trailers are also easier to balance on scales. It affects how much weight the axles can carry.

How much weight can a spread axle carry?

A spread axle trailer can carry 40,000 lbs on the spread axles allowing for more leeway in placing a heavier load. The spread of the two axles is 10’2″ counting them as two separate axles that can each carry 20k lbs. This gives you a legal limit of 86k lbs of all axles.

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What is a spread axle tire?

It’s great to have the loading capacity of a spread-axle trailer, but tires will pay the toll, so invest in tires optimized for the application. The trailer will have a pivot point between the two axles, and that point will depend upon the center point of the load on the axles.

Can you run spread axle in California?

Important for shippers to remember is that many carriers will use 48′ trailers in California with spread axles so that they are able to properly scale out the load, because of the opportunity to utilize the 40,000 lbs spread tandem limit. …

Can you have spread axles in California?

A CA spread axle is also referred to as a CA – FL legal spread. It refers to the distance from the king pin to the center of the rear axle. CA & FL require that distance to be 41 feet. A traditional spread axle is longer than 41 feet from these two points.

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What is considered a tandem?

Tandem Trucks Any truck with a double axle in the back is considered a tandem truck. Many have two wheels on each end of each axle. The tandem axles allow the truck to carry much more weight, they provide stability and a smoother ride, and they provide better traction on slippery surfaces.

What are legal axle weights in California?

General Rule. 35550. (a) The gross weight on any one axle shall not exceed 20,000 pounds, and the gross weight upon any one wheel, or wheels, supporting one end of an axle, shall not exceed 10,500 pounds.

Are 53 foot trailers allowed in California?

Under the rule, all 53-foot box-type trailers (dry or refrigerated) must be equipped with Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay-approved side skirts or tail fairings that improve fuel economy from 4\% to 5\%, in addition to low-rolling-resistance tires (either standard or wide-base singles).

What is the California bridge law?

The state of California requires all tractor-trailer combinations to meet the King Pin to Rear Axle (KPRA) law. What does that mean to professional drivers? The center of the rear axle on all trailers must be at the 40-foot mark or shorter and must not weigh over 34,000 pounds on the trailer axles.

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