What jobs are related to psychology?

What jobs are related to psychology?

80+ Psychology-Related Careers to Consider

  • Art Therapist.
  • Aviation Psychologist.
  • Career or Vocational Counselor.
  • Clinical Psychologist.
  • Consumer Psychologist.
  • Counselor.
  • Engineering Psychologist.
  • Experimental Psychologist.

What is the best psychology career?

Top 5 Highest-Paying Psychology Careers

  • Outpatient Care Center Psychologist. Psychologists who work in outpatient care centers make an average salary of $150,150, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychologist.
  • Forensic Psychologist.
  • Military Psychologist.
  • Psychiatrist.
  • Education.

What are the best jobs in psychology?

What career are in high demand?

15 High-Paying Jobs That Are in Demand for the Future

  • Actuary. Median salary in 2020: $111,030.
  • Industrial Engineer. Median salary in 2020: $88,950.
  • Data Scientist. Median salary in 2020: $98,230.
  • Information Systems (IS) Manager.
  • Information Security Analyst.
  • Financial Manager.
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Physician Assistant (PA)
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What kind of jobs can you get with a psychology degree?

People working in this field often specialize in a particular area such as cognitive psychology, educational psychology, or personality psychology. They may also be employed in a variety of settings ranging from universities, government agencies, research centers, and nonprofit organizations. Forensic or Criminal Psychologist

Where do most psychologists work?

Most psychologists are employed in clinical, counseling, and school positions, as of the last data in 2018 from the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ). There are many different types of psychology – over 30 of them, by our count.

What is the highest paying job for a psychologist?

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist This occupation represents one of the highest-paying psychology jobs in the U.S. In fact, on average, a psychologist in the field of industrial-organizational psychology makes the most money.

What are some interesting career paths in psychology?

There are also lots of career paths in psychology beyond some of the “typical” options of clinical or counseling psychology. In fact, some of the most interesting job options might be those that you don’t hear much about such as aviation psychology or traffic psychology.

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