What was the match-fixing scandal 2000?

What was the match-fixing scandal 2000?

1999–2000 India-South Africa match fixing scandal In 2000, the Delhi police intercepted a conversation between a blacklisted bookie and the South African cricket captain Hansie Cronje in which they learnt that Cronje accepted money to throw matches.

Who did match-fixing in India?

International cricket

Player National team
3 Mohammad Azharuddin India
4 Ajay Sharma India
5 Ajay Jadeja India
6 Manoj Prabhakar India

Did Sreesanth do spot-fixing?

Former India fast bowler S Sreesanth has finally opened up over the IPL spot-fixing saga which ended his cricketing career. It may be recalled that in 2013, Sreesanth and two other Rajasthan Royals cricketers was arrested for their alleged involvement in a spot-fixing scandal.

Who is the wicket keeper of Indian cricket team?

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The Indian wicket-keeper, Wriddhiman Saha is currently the best as far as keeping wickets is concerned. He is known for his safest hands behind the wickets. Saha is, currently, an active Indian wicket-keeper. He has played 38 Tests and 9 ODIs so far for team India.

Why was Prabhakar dropped?

In 1999, Prabhakar participated in Tehelka’s expose of match-fixing, but was himself charged of involvement and subsequently banned by the BCCI from playing cricket for Indian team. He was dismissed from his coaching role with the Delhi cricket team in 2011 after he publicly criticized the players and selectors.

Did Azharuddin fix matches with BCCI?

Let’s assume Azharuddin fixed matches. Then he would had never won hus case against BCCI. BCCI would have never invited him for Indias 500th test match. If he fixed matches then honoring him along with Sachin, Ganguly and Dhoni is a blot on BCCI.

Was Azharuddin a traitor or a hero?

Mohammad Azharuddin is undoubtedly one of the most divisive figures in the history of Indian cricket. Those who have watched him play would swear that no other batsman could match his elegance. To others, he fell into wrong company and became a traitor who sold his country for money.

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Why was Azharuddin’s ban lifted?

But finally, the verdict has come and I am happy that the ban has been lifted by the court.” The primary reason given by the two-member Divisional Bench comprising of Justice Ashutosh Mohunta and Justice Krishna Mohan Reddy was a lack of proper evidence connecting Azharuddin to the fixing offenses.

Why was Sanjay Azharuddin banned from playing cricket?

However, in a development which sent shock waves throughout the cricket world, Azharuddin was charged with fixing international matches for money. He was subsequently banned by the BCCI in 2000 for bringing disrepute to the game.