What went wrong with Apollo 10?

What went wrong with Apollo 10?

Apollo 10 was on the back side of the moon when it was injected into a trans-Earth trajectory. After a midcourse correction, and command and service module separation, Apollo 10 re-entered Earth’s atmosphere May 26. The module splashed down 165 degrees west, and 5 degrees, 8 minutes south in the Pacific Ocean.

Is there floating poop in space?

Whether you use a hole in the ground or a fancy gold-plated toilet, on Earth, gravity pulls your waste down and away from you. Without gravity, any loose drops or dribbles could float out of the toilet. That’s not good for astronauts’ health, nor for the sensitive equipment inside the space station.

How did early astronauts poop in space?

While the Soyuz spacecraft had an onboard toilet facility since its introduction in 1967 (due to the additional space in the Orbital Module), all Gemini and Apollo spacecraft required astronauts to urinate in a so-called “relief tube” in which the contents were dumped into space, while fecal matter was collected in …

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How did Mercury astronauts go to the bathroom?

To poop, astronauts used thigh straps to sit on the small toilet and to keep a tight seal between their bottoms and the toilet seat. It didn’t work very well and was hard to keep clean. To get around the problems of zero-gravity bathroom breaks, the new toilet is a specially designed vacuum toilet.

How much did the Apollo 10 mission cost?

Apollo 10 Cost

original $ inflation adjusted $
Lunar Module $40 million $337 million
Saturn V Launch Vehicle $185 million $1.6 billion
Operations $70 million $589 million
Total $350 million $2.95 billion

Why didn’t the Apollo astronauts have toilets on the Moon?

NASA engineers were so busy figuring out how to get astronauts to and from the moon that they didn’t bother to design a toilet for the Apollo missions of the 1960s and 70s. In fact, the first toilet wouldn’t be installed on a US spaceship until the space shuttle got one in the 1980s.

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What happened on the Apollo 10 mission?

The astronauts on NASA’s Apollo 10 mission in May 1969 paved the way for a pivotal moment in human history. But in the process, they introduced an entirely new kind of space exploration mystery. Apollo 10 served as a test run for Apollo 11 ‘s historic moon landing two months later.

What did Tom Stafford say on the Apollo 10 mission?

During the Apollo 10 mission in May 1969, astronaut Tom Stafford sounded a warning: “Get me a napkin quick. There’s a turd floating through the air,” he said, according to one NASA transcript.

Who launched the Apollo 10 poop rocket?

Who really unleashed the Apollo 10 poop rocket, we may never know. Once NASA astronauts did touch down on the moon, of course, they elected to leave their bags of feces there. Go ahead and search “turd” in the Apollo 10 transcripts to find more astronaut poop jokes.

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