What will happen if I clear data on mobile legends?

What will happen if I clear data on mobile legends?

If you delete data for a game, you might also delete any in-game achievements or progress, depending on how the developer has built the game. When you delete Play Games data from your account, it also deletes your Play Games data with Google. This will not delete data with the game developer.

How do I reset my MLBB?

mobilelegends”. Exit the file manager menu and open the phone settings and go to the “Application” section and find the “Mobile Legend” application section. Click on the “Storage” section and clear the data by selecting “Erase Data”.

How do you create an ACC ML?

How to Create New Account in Mobile Legends

  1. Open Phone Settings.
  2. Go to Apps (Application Menu)
  3. Click Mobile Legends: Bang Bang App.
  4. Click Storage.
  5. Clear Data and Cache of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.
  6. Go to Phone Settings Again, Then App, Then Click Google Play Services.
  7. Click Manage Storage.
  8. Clear All Data.
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Why can’t I play Mobile Legends?

If your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is not loading, first make sure your game is updated to the latest version. If you continue to have issues with loading the game, try to delete all the access settings Facebook has on your device (only if you created an account and linked your Facebook account to Mobile Legends).

How many GB is mobile legends?

Actually, you need only about 330 MB to install the game but in order to download all the content, effects, skins, sounds, videos, etc, of the game, you need approximately 2.5 GB of free space.

How much GB does mobile legends use?

The average mobile data usage of mobile legends is 5 MB per day. It is the minimum usage if you play the game 2hr per day. 2. In case you are a game lover and you like to play it a few times (4 Hrs) in the day then 11-12 MB per day data will be consumed depending on how much you play.

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Can I delete my ML account?

At this time, there is no way to delete a Mobile Legends account. However, you can also remove the connection between Mobile Legends and your Facebook Google Play, VK, and Game Center accounts.