When was the b17 made?

When was the b17 made?

July 28, 1935
Technical Specifications

First flight July 28, 1935 (prototype)
Length 74 feet 9 inches
Gross weight 65,000 pounds
Top speed 287 mph
Cruising speed 150 mph

How many B 17 bombers are left?

The current total of surviving B-17 bombers located in the United States stands at 40: Nine (9) B-17 planes are airworthy, such as “Texas Raiders”, “Sentimental Journey” and “Aluminum Overcast”.

How many b17 were used in Memphis Belle?

Five airworthy B-17s were used in the filming of the 1990 British-American war drama Memphis Belle. Two were from the US (N-17W), both on display in Seattle: the Movie Memphis Belle (44-83546), and B-17G Sally B from the UK.

Where was the B-17 bomber built?

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They were built by Boeing in Seattle (BO), Douglas Aircraft Co. (DL) in Long Beach, CA and Vega Aircraft Corp. (VE) in Burbank, CA. Following the end of World War II, the B-17 was quickly phased out of use as a bomber and the Army Air Forces retired most of its fleet.

What made the Memphis Belle famous?

Of the 12,750 B-17s produced, Memphis Belle is famous for being the first Eighth Air Force bomber to complete 25 combat missions over occupied Europe without a crewman being killed and returning to the United States.

Why was the B-17 created?

B-17, also called Flying Fortress, U.S. heavy bomber used during World War II. The B-17 was designed by the Boeing Aircraft Company in response to a 1934 Army Air Corps specification that called for a four-engined bomber at a time when two engines were the norm.

What does the B in B-17 stand for?

Acronym. Definition. B-17. Boeing Flying Fortress (US; WWII bomber)

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Which was a better bomber the B-17 or the B-24?

The B-17 had a very large wing and ailerons (the moveable portion of the wing), while the B-24 used a smaller wing and ailerons for speed. Thus, the Liberator was faster, but the Flying Fortress could fly higher. Typical approach landing speeds for both planes, using full wing flaps was 120 miles per hour.