Where can I submit poetry for beginners?

Where can I submit poetry for beginners?

Places to Submit Poetry Online: The Summit of Poetry

  1. Poetry Magazine. Published through the Poetry Foundation, Poetry Magazine is the oldest monthly poetry journal in the English-speaking world.
  2. The New Yorker.
  3. AGNI.
  4. The Kenyon Review.
  5. Ploughshares.
  6. Harvard Review.
  7. Lit Hub.
  8. The American Scholar.

Where can I post anonymous poems?


  • Instagram.
  • HelloPoetry.
  • Tumblr.
  • AllPoetry.
  • Medium.
  • Twitter.
  • Wattpad.
  • Do you publish poems that are already posted publicly on the Internet?

    We do not publish poems which are already posted publicly on the Internet. However, you may submit your poem here and post your poem publicly on our FFP Poetry Forums. If we do publish your poem here, then we will move your poem on the forum to the Members Only section of the forum.

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    What are the rules for submitting a poem?

    Your poem’s page can become a resource for thoughtful, meaningful discussion about a topic you care about. Please follow the rules or your poem will be deleted. Only submit poems written in English. Do NOT Submit more than 1 poem in 30 days. If we publish your poem you can submit another poem right away.

    How can I get more people to read my poetry?

    You need to start reading and commenting on the posts published by other poets as well. If you want others to read your poetry, you need to start returning the favor. There are hundreds of forums online where you can read the poetry left by others and then leave your comments as well.

    How to get your poetry notified?

    Here are some important tips on how to get your poetry noticed. 1. Be Confident in What You Write. One of the biggest mistakes that writers make is that they aren’t confident in their writing. If you don’t believe that your poetry is good enough to be published or become famous, you are obviously going to suffer.

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