Where did the 9 minute snooze come from?

Where did the 9 minute snooze come from?

The reason behind the 9-minute snooze, according to a Youtube channel Apple Explained, is Apple’s tribute to the history of alarm clocks. The snooze feature, first introduced by General Electric-Telechron company in its analogue Snooze-Alarm clock in 1956, has an interesting history.

Why do iphones snooze for 9 minutes?

As Apple Explained says, “This was a problem, since they [alarm clock makers] couldn’t adjust the clock’s gear teeth to line up perfectly for a ten-minute snooze.” This left them with a decision to have the snooze feature silence clocks for 10 minutes and 43 seconds or 9 minutes and 3 seconds.

Why is the snooze button bigger than the stop button?

Probably because most alarm clocks are set up same way. Have a large snooze button, usually on top for quick access while still half asleep. Alarm turn off is usually a smaller switch on back or side. This has been normal convention since alarm clock came out.

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Does snoozing make you more tired?

We’ve established that hitting the snooze button will probably make you feel foggy and more tired. And regularly relying on it to sneak in more Zzz’s will mess with your body’s internal clock, which can actually deprive you of sleep and set you up for some major health problems.

How long is snooze on Alexa?

9 minutes
Use tap gestures on the device to snooze your alarms. To snooze an active alarm, firmly tap the device with more than one finger. The default snooze time is 9 minutes.

How do I change my snooze length?

In addition to its many sophisticated features, you can also adjust your snooze time.

  1. Download Sleep Cycle from the App Store, open the app, and tap Profile at the bottom.
  2. Under Settings, tap More.
  3. Under Alarm, tap Snooze.
  4. Tap Regular, then choose your preferred interval (up to 20 minutes).

How do you shorten snooze on iPhone?

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How many times can you snooze iPhone alarm?

Have you every wondered how to change your iPhone’s snooze time from the default nine minutes — that’s right, it’s always nine minutes from the time you press snooze until the alarm starts going again — but can’t work out how to do it? There’s a very good reason why you can’t.

Why does snooze exist?

According to Mental Floss, before digital clocks, engineers were restricted to nine minute snooze periods by the gears in a standard clock. And because the consensus was that 10 minutes was too long, and could allow people to fall back into a “deep” sleep, clock makers decided on the nine-minute gear.

Why do alarm clocks have snooze buttons?

Alarm clocks were introduced to snooze buttons in 1956 with General Electric-Telechron’s Snooz-Alarm. That model’s snooze lasted nine minutes, but there were likely multiple reasons why. Alarm clocks did exist before the snooze function, so there was already a standard gear setup that innovators had to work with.

How long does it take for someone to snooze an alarm?

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They want them to snooze for 10 minutes. However by the time the person is awake enough to hit the button, half a minute may have passed. So if they snoozed for 10 minutes the next time the alarm went off, it would be over 10 minutes after the initial alarm. (10 minutes plus reaction time)

Why is the snooze button on my iPhone 9 minutes?

Why is snooze nine minutes? Your iPhone’s automatic settings actually got their start half a century ago. Alarm clocks were introduced to snooze buttons in 1956 with General Electric-Telechron’s Snooz-Alarm. That model’s snooze lasted nine minutes, but there were likely multiple reasons why.

What is snooze in a clock?

Snooze: a short, light sleep, especially during the day. The snooze feature started when it was the era of gear clocks in 1550s. To achieve snooze engineers had to create snooze gear which will interrupt the existing alarm gear configuration and they could set the snooze for ~10 min. Human body has it’s own clock i.e body clock.