Where does TomTom get its traffic information?

Where does TomTom get its traffic information?

visualizing traffic information TomTom collects and seamlessly aggregates a wealth of traffic information. This information covers 79 countries and is collected from over 600 million devices, with data sources including anonymized data from GPS devices, mobile phone signals, and sensors.

How does real time traffic work on GPS?

To incorporate data about ever-changing traffic and road conditions, however, GPS units must be able to receive live information over the air. This information will be automatically incorporated into the GPS system’s route. These services usually require a subscription.

How accurate is TomTom traffic?

“Overall, TomTom’s device and app reported the most accurate traffic information.” TomTom’s GO 2535 PND and Mobile App 67\% and 66\% of all jams accurately, compared to 52\% for Google, 38\% for Inrix. TomTom reported 86\% of large highway jams accurately and did not miss any of the measured jams in this category.

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What is true about TomTom traffic and travel services?

We help carmakers and enterprises meet drivers’ expectations that traffic and travel information is always accurate and up to date. Unmatched by any navigation app, our traffic and travel information provide drivers around the world with real-time information and precise estimated times of arrival (ETAs).

What is required for real time traffic?

Real-time traffic data is collected in different ways. Travel times and delays in traffic are monitored either via cameras scanning number plates or road sensors counting the number of cars in a certain period of time. This data is also used by traffic information systems and navigation systems.

What is TomTom traffic receiver?

The TomTom Traffic Receiver is designed to replace your charging cable, providing your device with up-to-date traffic data while simultaneously charging the unit. This receiver is essential for receiving and delivering traffic updates to your device.

What is live traffic service?

With Online Live Traffic you receive information about traffic congestions, road blockings and traffic events (e.g. people on road etc.). This information is being considered in route calculating.

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