Where is Alan Johnson from?

Where is Alan Johnson from?

Paddington, London, United Kingdom
Alan Johnson/Place of birth

How many wives did Alan Johnson?

Johnson has been married three times. His first marriage was to Judith Elizabeth Cox, with whom he has one son and two daughters. After their divorce, he married Laura Jane Patient in 1991; the couple had a son, Ollie, born in 2000.

How old is Alan Johnson?

71 years (May 17, 1950)
Alan Johnson/Age

Who was the first woman home secretary?

In 2007, Jacqui Smith became the first woman home secretary. The office holder works alongside the other Home Office ministers. The corresponding shadow minister is the Shadow Home Secretary. Priti Patel was appointed Home Secretary by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in July 2019.

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Is Alan Johnson married?

Laura Jane Patientm. 1991–2014
Judith Coxm. 1968–1990
Alan Johnson/Spouse

Who is Alan Johnson tuning?

Alan Johnson is, almost without question, the best at what he does. Johnson’s craft is building and tuning the fastest NHRA dragsters in the world. He’s won 16 NHRA titles as either team owner, manager, crew chief or consultant with seven different drivers.

Is Michael Portillo an MP?

This is a summary of the electoral history of Michael Portillo, who was a prominent Conservative Party politician who served as a cabinet minister under John Major and was an MP from 1984 to 1997 and again from 1999 to 2005.

Which party was Jacqui Smith in?

Labour Party
Jacqui Smith/Parties

Who is the present shadow Home Secretary?

Shadow Home Secretary
Incumbent Yvette Cooper since 29 November 2021
Appointer Leader of the Opposition
Inaugural holder Kenneth Younger
Formation 14 December 1955

What does Mike Salinas do for a living?

A self-described workaholic, Mike Salinas is used to working 18-20 hours a day, seven days a week. He and his wife, Monica, own Valley Services, a state-certified recycling facility in San Jose, California, that specializes in construction, demolition and residential waste materials.

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How much does a Top Fuel engine cost?

They weigh about 1000 kg which makes for a massive power to weight ratio. The total finished cost of a Top Fuel dragster is estimated at $500,000.

Is Michael Portillo still in politics?

He retired from the House of Commons and from active politics at the 2005 general election. Since leaving politics, Portillo has pursued his media interests by presenting and participating in a wide range of television and radio programmes.