Which gun is better M4A1 or AK-47?

Which gun is better M4A1 or AK-47?

The M4 is more accurate, easier to customize to needed mission, better sealed design making it less susceptible to the ingress of dirt and gunk, better sights, easier magazine swaps. etc. The only advantage the AK platform has is if you don’t take care of it or clean it, it’s more likely to work.

What gun is better than an AK-47?

The AR-15, with its tighter tolerances, is undeniably a more accurate weapon than the AK. A competent marksman is going to hit the bull’s eye every time. The AR boasts an effective range of about 600 yards, and it’s the best rifle in terms of accuracy.

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How much more accurate is an M4A1 than AK-47?

Both hold 30 rounds. Neither is “more accurate”, or at least, not on the first shot. The AK47 does have significantly more recoil. M4A1’s fire rate is 780 rpm, while the AK’s is 689 rpm.

Which is better M4 or AK117?

AK117 has lower accuracy and range than M4 but it has higher damage and fire rate. High damage: Having higher damage allows AK117 to eliminate an enemy by taking less shots than M4. High fire rate: Having higher fire rate allows AK117 to shoot faster than M4.

Is the kilo or M4A1 better?

The easiest point of comparison here is the venerable M4A1, as both guns feature the same damage profile. While the M4 has a slightly higher rate of fire (800 vs 750) and marginally faster ADS and reload speeds, the Kilo has slightly better damage dropoff ranges and – more importantly – incredible accuracy.

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Which is better AK-47 or AK117?

AK117 has more fire rate and accuracy than AK-47 but it has low damage and range. High Fire Rate: Having a higher fire rate is an advantage that allows the AK117 to shoot faster than AK-47. AK-47 has less fire rate and accuracy but it has more damage and range than AK117.

Why M4 is the best Gun?

The M4 had a collapsible stock and a shorter, 14.5-inch barrel, as opposed to the longer twenty-inch barrel of the M16A2. That made the weapon easier to carry in tight spaces, particularly armored vehicles and helicopters, while also easier to operate on close-quarter battlefields such as cities or jungle.

Which is better M4A1 or HK416?

The HK416 has an effective range of 330-870 yards, while the M4 has an effective range of 550 yards. The firing rate of each rifle is a little different. The HK416 can fire up to 900 rounds per minute, while the M4 can fire up to 950 rounds per minute. The accuracy ratings of the HK416 are far better than the M4.

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Is M4A1 better than scar?

According to the Wiki: SCAR does 15 damage per bullet, and has a fire rate of 360 rounds/min. M4A1 does 10 damage per bullet, and has a fire rate of 600 rounds/min. 600 RPM / 60 = 10 rounds every second.

Which is better AK117 or M4?