Which is better between IISER and IISc?

Which is better between IISER and IISc?

It is a no brainer to choose IISc Bangalore over any IISER. IISc Bangalore besides having a very strong recurring in terms of faculty, infrastructure, research facilities, employer outlook also has a very rich campus life and peer environment.

What are the job opportunities for IISER students?

Academia (Research): After doing a PhD, post your BS-MS course, you can join any CSIR labs or University or research lab as a staff scientist or principal investigator. Academia (Teaching): The IISER graduates can take up a teaching job in any school/University after qualifying the requisite exams like UPSC, B.

What is the procedure to get admission in IISER?

IISER exam is conducted for admission to BS-MS degree program at one of the seven IISERs. Candidates can get admission in IISER through JEE Main, KVPY and SCB channel. Candidates can apply for admission through any of the three options, but they need to fulfill the eligibility criteria for each channel individually.

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Why don’t people know about IISERs?

Although IISERs offer the best training in basic sciences and unparalleled exposure to advanced analytical techniques, the fact that these Institutes are relatively new is the main reason for the lack of awareness about their existence. There is also a general belief that the viable career options for IISER graduates are limited.

How good is IISER for a scientist?

IISER is a great platform to pursue science and better than IITs to become a scientist. You will get exposed to all sorts of research and then you can choose your major in 3rd year. You can excel as a scientist as IISERs are best in india in research education (IISc is an exception).

What is E-Classroom in IISER?

E-Classroom: IISER also hosts two e-classrooms funded by Govt. of India and it is connected to the National Knowledge Network (NKN) through a 100 Mbps connectivity. The connectivity of the NKN will soon be upgraded to 1 Gbps. The NKN connects many other institutions like most of the national laboratories, IITs, IIMs and other IISERs.

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