Which is better for CSE VIT or Manipal?

Which is better for CSE VIT or Manipal?

Manipal CSE is easily much better than VIT: There are many things about VIT which are not yet clear.. Manipal is light years better alumni network. VIT has paid all the magazines to rank them in top.

Which is better Manipal or VIT?

Placements: MIT Manipal has good placement records when compared to VIT Vellore….Which one is better: VIT or MIT Manipal?

Categories VIT MIT Manipal
Course Fee 3.53 lakh 17.06 lakh
Placement Percentage 80-90\% 80\%
Highest CTC 15-22 LPA 15-24 LPA
Average CTC 5-6 LPA 4.5 LPA

Is Manipal University better than MIT or VIT University?

Campus: Both MIT and VIT have one of the most beautiful campus in our Country. Size wise they score the same. But if the beauty outside the campus is considered, Manipal might just fair better. There are MANY beautiful places in and around manipal half of which I myself haven’t been to.

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How is Manipal University?

Manipal Is a family of more than 28,000 students and 2500+ faculties across all the campus. The infrastructure of Manipal is one of the prime Reason why Students prefer this University over Many Good Colleges. The University campus is spread over 313 acres of hard, laterite rock in north Karnataka’s Udupi district.

What is the difference between MIT Manipal and VIT Vellore?

Faculty: Both colleges have professors ranging from great to mediocre ones. Student population: MIT Manipal takes fewer students per year as compared to VIT. It is somewhere around 1800 for the former and 3600 for the latter. With lower populations, you get a better student-to-faculty ratio.

What is the size of VIT Campus in Chennai?

The VIT Campus is spread across 360-acre of Eco-friendly campus with over 50.83 lakh sq.ft. built-up space at Vellore and about 170 acres of Eco-friendly campus at Chennai. Manipal University is a Multinational Educational Institute known for its campus and modern Infrastructure Facilities.

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