Which is better Lenskart or Titan Eyeplus?

Which is better Lenskart or Titan Eyeplus?

Based on my personal experiences, I would say Titan Eye Plus is better than Lenskart. Frame and Lens quality is far better in Titan Eye Plus than Lenskart. I have glasses from both the brands but I regularly use Titan Eye Plus glasses. They are durable and more convenient compared to Lenskart glasses.

Is Lenskart online legit?

I find their products authentic and good VFM (It comes with a 14 days no question ask return policy and 1 year of manufacturer warranty). Lenskart has a good collection of Vincent Chase and John Jacobs eyeglasses and sunglasses which is in tune with the latest trends and are available at affordable prices.

What is the best way to buy contact lenses?

The best places to buy contacts online

  1. Best overall. 1800CONTACTS. Share on Pinterest.
  2. Best prices. Discount Contacts. Share on Pinterest.
  3. Great for insurance. Contacts Direct. Share on Pinterest.
  4. Best direct-to-consumer contacts. Warby Parker.
  5. Best for contacts, glasses, and prescriptions. LensCrafters.
  6. Best for returns. Lens.
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Is Titan Eye Plus costly?

– single vision starting at Rs. 299/ bifocal starting at Rs. 850 and progressives Titan lenses starting at Rs. 1400 with anti-reflective, anti-scratch, Super Hydrophobic & UV coating are also available.

How good are Titan lenses?

The lenses are very clear and has a good life. Crizal UV are of almost same prize and you can choose to buy them over A2 model. However Titan lenses are of normal quality and cant be compared to top premium brands.

Which brand lens does Lenskart use?

Tokai by Lenskart is the world’s first NEUROSCIENCE Lens. It uses a patented GR-RESONAS design, minimizing adaptation time and eye strain, vs. regular progressive lenses.

Is Lenskart an Indian company?

Lenskart is an Indian optical prescription eyewear retail chain, based in Faridabad. As of September 2019, Lenskart had stores in over 70 cities in India.

Can we buy contact lenses online?

Yes, buying contact lenses online is safe – as long as you’re shopping with a trusted and registered retailer. Consulting your eye care doctor is key in helping you know which are the right contacts for you. Once you get your prescription, you’re free to buy your contacts wherever it is most convenient.

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Which is the best spectacles brand in India?

Which is the best spectacles brand in India? Titan Spectacles, GKB Spectacles, Fastrack Spectacles, Ray-Ban Spectacles, and Tag Heuer Spectacles are some of the best eyewear brands in India.

Which lens is better crizal or Titan?

Crizal lenses are way better than titan lenses, well titan just import lenses from some third party suppliers, u can expect quality like zeiss or cryzal. But titan offers wide range of frames.

Which lens is better crizal or titan?

Is Lenskart the best place to buy sunglasses online?

Shopping on Lenskart was a great experience overall. With all the options and filters, it gives users looking to buy sunglasses, spectacles and contact lenses a whole range that are unavailable on general online shops such as Myntra. I have a few reasons, some of them quite personal, some of them may strike a chord with a greater audience.

How is Lenskart in comparison to Titan Eye Plus?

Lenskart on the other hand is not aimed at the premium customer so their products dont necessarily look cool but their products are quite durable and can sustain lot of wear and tear unlike titan eye plus specs which dont tend to last very long. The lens are also on I have purchased spectacles at both lenskart and titan eye plus.

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How much did you pay for your frame from Lenskart?

1st time I have bought lightweight frameless frames from Lenskart which costed ₹1,700 (Vincent chase)and with lenses (power -0.75 single vision)additional ₹ 1,200 for lenses (any eye power same rate for lenses). so, over-all it costed me ₹2,900. After around 7 months of usage, i went on a trip and I lost my frames near waterfall in Karnataka.

Are Titan lenses worth the money?

However Titan lenses are of normal quality and cant be compared to top premium brands. Thus I don’t recommend Titan lenses as they are not worth the prize. Also you can opt for Carl Zeiss lenses which will cost you slightly less than Crizal and their coating quality is one of the best in world.