Which is the best health policy for family in India?

Which is the best health policy for family in India?

Some popular family floater health insurance plans available in the market are: Family Health Optima offered by Star Health & Allied Insurance. Optima Restore offered by HDFC General Insurance. Reassure Policy offered by Max Bupa Health Insurance.

What is the average health insurance cost for a family of 4 in India?

How Much Health Insurance Coverage Should Be Opted by a Family of 4? The premium of a Rs 10 lakh health insurance policy for a family of four members can range from Rs 858 per month to Rs 2769 per month depending on factors, such as age, medical history, no claim bonus, etc.

Which is the best family health insurance in India 2021?

Top Family Health Insurance Policies in India 2021. 1 1. Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum Plan. Incurred Claim Ratio (2018-19): 59\%. 2 2. Bajaj Allianz Family Floater Health Guard Plan. 3 3. Bharti AXA Smart Super Health Insurance Policy. 4 4. Care Health Care Health Insurance. 5 5. Cholamandalam Health Insurance.

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Who is the Department of Health and Family Welfare of Delhi?

The Department of Health and Family Welfare of the Government of NCT of Delhi caters to health needs of nearly 1.70 crore population of Delhi and also has to share the burden of migratory population from neighboring states which constitute nearly 33 per cent of total intake at major hospitals in Delhi.

How much does Delhi spend on public health?

Public Health expenditure of the Government of Delhi has consistently remained above 6 per cent of the total plan budget during the last 20 years reaching up to 10.35 per cent of the plan outlay for the 10thplan (2002-07) – the highest for any state government in the country.

What is the difference between health insurance for families and individual?

The premium payable for health insurance for families is cheaper than the premium payable for individual health plans. For example, you have a family of 4 members, and you want to buy health insurance for everyone.

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