Which is the best YouTube channel for engineering physics?

Which is the best YouTube channel for engineering physics?

The 7 Best Youtube Channels for Engineers

  • minutephysics. Created by Henry Reich, minutephysics is an educational channel that has been going since 2011.
  • Vsauce.
  • Veritasium.
  • Learn Engineering.
  • Engineerguy.
  • Interesting Engineering.
  • 2022 The 5th International Conference on Materials Engineering and Applications.

What is the best science channel on YouTube?

The 10 Best Science YouTube Channels Teaching Us About The World

  1. Vsauce – 12 Million Subscribers.
  2. AsapSCIENCE – 6.9 Million Subscribers.
  3. SmarterEveryDay – 5.1 Million Subscribers.
  4. Kurzgesagt – In A Nutshell – 4.9 Million Subscribers.
  5. SciShow – 4.4 Million Subscribers.
  6. Veritasium – 4.3 Million Subscribers.

Who is best for physics on YouTube?

Which is the best physics channel on YouTube?

  • CrashCourse.
  • Numberphile.
  • SciShow.
  • Two Minute Papers.
  • Khan Academy.
  • World Science Festival.
  • Scientific American.
  • DrPhysicsA.
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What is the most subscribed Science Channel?

Vsauce. With over 10 million followers, Vsauce is the most subscribed to science channel on YouTube.

Who is Jeremy Fielding?

Jeremy is Co-Chief Executive Officer of Kekst CNC, a leading strategic and financial communications consultancy.

Who is the best teacher of physics on YouTube Class 11?

Best Physics Teachers on youtube in India Physicswallah is one of the best channels of physics on Youtube. This channel covers physics from Class 9th to Class 12th.

Who is the best science YouTuber on YouTube?

With over 12 million subscribers, Vsauce is the top science YouTuber. His conversational tone and clear examples make complex scientific concepts easy to understand. Vsauce poses (and answers) questions about our planet, how our brains work, and human existence.

What are the most popular YouTube videos about physics?

Channel creator Henry Reich breaks down physics and more, and some of his most popular videos are animations explaining parallel universes and string theory, along with Schrödinger’s Cat and the Grandfather Paradox. 8. It’s Okay To Be Smart – 1.6 Million Subscribers

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What are the best science media channels on YouTube?

1. Science Magazine (@sciencemagazine): Embodying the core of science communication, the Science Magazine YouTube channel showcases videos that capture the latest in “scientific news, commentary and cutting-edge research.”

What is the difference between Veritasium and Muller’s channel?

While Veritasium is a fictitious element (derived from “veritas,” Latin for “truth”), Muller’s channel is full of truthful analyses of astonishing scientific topics like hydrodynamic levitation and quantum entanglement. Veritasium is the perfect place to challenge one’s mind to better understand the most astounding corners of science.