Which race has the largest population in the world?

Which race has the largest population in the world?

The Han Chinese
The Han Chinese are the world’s largest single ethnic group, constituting over 19\% of the global population in 2011.

What distinguishes the African traditional family from the European one?

Scholars of the African traditional family agree that the one widely known aspect that distinguishes the African traditional family, say from the European one, is the perversity of polygamy3.

Is the traditional African family Eurocentric?

Eurocentricity and the Traditional African Family. The common descriptions of the African traditional family in the literature is Eurocentric and biased. Caution should be applied when sweeping generalizations are made which make the traditional African family is made to appear static, rigid, and lacking in vitality.

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What are the challenges of traditional family life in Africa?

The case studies presented will be those of the Baganda of Uganda and Bemba of Northern Zambia. Some of the major issues raised will include polygamy, tribe, clan, the extended family, bride price and the raising of children. As the African society has not been static, changes in the traditional family patterns will be briefly alluded to.

What happened to African culture after independence?

Most African peoples, at the time of independence, were thought to be in the process of becoming ethnic groups and living in plural societies where cultural differences would be accepted. This has not happened. After independence, sub-Saharan African countries were expected to develop political systems styled after Western democracies.

Narrowing it down even farther, the most populous race would be the Han Chinese, with 1.31 billion people, or about 19\% of the world’s total population. Following close behind are the people of India, with about 1.25 billion people.

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What countries have the largest world population?

China has the world’s largest population (1.42 billion), followed by India (1.35 billion). The next five most populous nations – the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan and Nigeria – together have fewer people than India.

What are the demographics of the world population?

Demographics of the world include population density, ethnicity, education level, health measures, economic status, religious affiliations and other aspects of the human population of the planet Earth. The overall total population of the world is approximately 7.5 billion, as of March 2018.

What are the 20 most populated countries in the world?

The 20 Most Populated Countries in the World in 2019 China – 1,433,783,686. With a population of 1,433,783,686, China is the most populated country in the world. India – 1,366,417,754. India has long been one of the top-ranking countries in terms of population and it is continuing to grow as there was a population growth of United States – 329,064,917. Indonesia – 270,625,568. Pakistan – 216,565,318.

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