Which slang is best in Tamilnadu?

Which slang is best in Tamilnadu?

10 Tamil Slang Words Only Chennaites Can Speak

  • Attu Figure’u – Attu means waste, figure is a typical slang word used for referring a girl.
  • Jujupee – When you finish something very easily, you pat yourself on the back and say “Idu yellam enakku jujupee velai”
  • Appatakkar – a person who thinks that they know everything.

What kongu means?

The name Kongunadu draws its origin from the term Kongu, meaning nectar or honey. ‘ Since this area served as a border to the Pandiya, Chola and Chera dynasties, it was likely given the name kangu, which was eventually transformed to Kongu. Kongu was later called as Kongunadu with the growth of civilization.

What is Coimbatore language?

Languages. • Official. Tamil, English. Time zone. UTC+5:30 (IST)

How many dialects are there in Tamil?

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Tamil dialects include Central Tamil dialect, Kongu Tamil, Madras Bashai, Madurai Tamil, Nellai Tamil, Kumari Tamil in India; Batticaloa Tamil dialect, Jaffna Tamil dialect, Negombo Tamil dialect in Sri Lanka; and Malaysian Tamil in Malaysia.

Is kongu a caste?

Kongu Vellalar is a community found in the Kongu region of Tamil Nadu, India. The Kongu Vellalar were classified as a Forward Caste (General class) at the time of Indian independence but they successfully requested to be reclassified as an other Backward Class in 1975.

What are the places of Kongu Nadu?

The ancient Kongunadu country was made up of a number of districts and taluks which are currently known as Palani, Karur, Dharapuram, Thiruchengodu, Erode, Pollachi, Nammakkal, Salem, Dharmapuri, Nilgiris, Avinashi, Satyamangalam, Coimbatore and Udumalpet.

What is famous Coimbatore?

Coimbatore,known as the Manchester of South India,is famous for textiles. Visitors to Coimbatore must not miss the dazzling array of shops selling Kanchivaram, Benares and designer sarees at Cross-Cut Road. Coimbatore is also known for its numerous jewelry stores situated along Cross-Cut Road and Town Hall Area.

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