Who becomes king of Israel after David?

Who becomes king of Israel after David?

David rules as king of the Israelites until his death at age 70, prior to which he chooses Solomon, a son born to him and Bathsheba, to be his successor instead of Adonijah, his eldest surviving son.

Who is current king of Israel?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now truly melech Yisrael, the King of Israel.

Which king of Israel ruled the longest?

Manasseh of Judah

Reign coregency 697–687 BC sole reign 687–643 BC
Predecessor Hezekiah, his father
Successor Amon, his son
Born c. 709 BC probably Jerusalem

Why is David regarded as the greatest king in Israel?

One of the reasons David is so successful as a king is that he weaves the relationship with God into the very life of the people. So when David establishes his capital in Jerusalem he establishes it with the Ark of the Covenant.

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When did David become king of Israel?

Following the civil war with Saul, David forges a strong and unified Israelite monarchy, reigning c. 1000 to 961 BCE and establishing Jerusalem as his national capital in 1006 BCE.

How did David rule over the tribes of Israel?

Initially, David was king over the Tribe of Judah only and ruled from Hebron, but after seven and a half years, the other Israelite tribes, who found themselves leaderless after the death of Ish-bosheth, chose him to be their king as well. All subsequent kings in both the ancient first united Kingdom…

What was the capital of the House of David?

House of David. After Rehoboam reigned three years, the United Kingdom of Israel was divided in two – the northern Kingdom of Israel under Jeroboam, with its capital, first in Shechem, then Penuel, Tirzah, and finally Samaria, and ruled by a series of dynasties beginning with Jeroboam; and the southern Kingdom…

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What happened to the House of David in the Bible?

After the death of David’s son and heir Solomon, the tribes of Israel split from the united kingdom, and thus, beginning with David’s grandson Rehoboam, the house of David ruled only Judah, with its capital in Jerusalem.