Who has John Constantine slept with?

Who has John Constantine slept with?

DC Reveals Constantine Slept With King Shark In Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. The final installment of DC’s shared animated movie universe, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, reveals that John Constantine had an intimate relationship with King Shark. (SPOILERS for the film follow.).

How did John Constantine learn magic?

In Constantine #14, readers learned that at a very young age, Li’l John encountered some sinister demonic force that offered him magical power. John eagerly accepted, but as is usually the case with this sort of thing, he wasn’t told about the price of this power until it was too late to do anything about it.

What is John Constantine’s personality?

He is known for his endless cynicism, deadpan snarking, ruthless cunning, and constant chain smoking, but he is also a passionate humanitarian driven by a heartfelt desire to do some good in his life.

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What is John Constantine accent?

After finishing a play in London, where he was using a thick Yorkshire accent (Constantine himself has more of Northern accent), he found he couldn’t quite get the voice of the character right. Without that the whole character wasn’t working.

Is Constantine an angel?

John Constantine is a human being with the supernatural ability to perceive the true visage of both Angels and Demons on the mortal plane. He is portrayed by Keanu Reeves as an adult and by Connor Dylan Wryn as a teenager.

Is Constantine cursed?

Finding it was time to make a change from New York, Constantine returned home to London even though he was still cursed to never return. Confronting the demon who cursed him, Constantine managed to reverse the spell and begin his new adventure in his home country.

How did John Constantine lose his soul?

Constantine lost his soul after he failed to stop Astra from being pulled into Hell during a botched magical ritual, in what became known as the Newcastle Incident. Astra later joined the Legends on Earth, after escaping from Hell with the aid of Ava Sharpe, Mick Rory, and Gary Green.

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What accent does John Constantine have in Legends of tomorrow?

He is supposed to speak with a Liverpool accent (Scouse). Liverpool was in Lancashire before 1974 but the accent is very different. In the tv show the actor does a good job of the scouse accent but it slips sometimes. He does, however, walk like a scouser.

Who is the best John Constantine?

The Greatest John Constantine Hellblazer Stories

  • 3 “Hold Me”
  • 4 “All His Engines”
  • 5 “Fear and Loathing”
  • 6 “The Family Man”
  • 7 “Rake at the Gates of Hell”
  • 8 “Original Sins”
  • 9 “Haunted” “Hellblazer” #134-139 (by Warren Ellis and John Higgins)
  • 10 “Hard Time” “Hellblazer #146-150 (by Brian Azzarello and Richard Corben)