Who invented just Joshin?

Who invented just Joshin?

The origin of the expression ‘Joshing Me’ can be found in the late 1800s, when a young man named Josh Tatum noticed that nickels minted in 1883 were almost the same as five-dollar gold pieces in terms of size and design.

What is the meaning of Joshin?

intransitive verb. : to engage in banter : joke. transitive verb. : to tease good-naturedly : kid. josh.

Where did the saying on the fritz originate?

Attested from 1902, originally meaning “in a bad way” or “in bad condition”, malfunctioning of an appliance. Perhaps from German name Fritz, or onomatopoeic (here, imitating the sound of electric sparks jumping).

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What does it mean to be hitched?

informal. : to get married He’s getting hitched to his college sweetheart.

What does keep body and soul together mean?

Definition of keep body and soul together : to have or get enough food and money to survive She kept body and soul together by working two jobs.

What does it mean to go on the blink?

phrase. If a machine goes on the blink, it stops working properly. [informal] …an old TV that’s on the blink. Synonyms: not working (properly), faulty, defective, playing up More Synonyms of on the blink.

Is the word Fritz offensive?

On the fritz — Speaking of calamity, all efforts to discover the true origin of this term, meaning broken or malfunctioning, have come a cropper. Because “Fritz” is a derogatory term for a German, some amateur etymologists have linked it to anti-German sentiment during World War I.

What do hitchhiking mean?

verb (used without object), hitch·hiked, hitch·hik·ing. to travel by standing on the side of the road and soliciting rides from passing vehicles.

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What does it mean when your breath hitches?

Acute trauma to the chest is one cause that will instantly lead to intercostal contractions. These, in turn, can cause a paradoxical motion in breathing. This is also called stutter breathing or hitched breath.

What is the meaning of palm off?

Definition of palm off transitive verb. 1 : to dispose of usually by trickery or guile. 2 : pass off sense 2 palming himself off as a minister— Toni Morrison.

What is the meaning of hunger gleamed in his eyes?

hunger gleamed in his eyes: feeling so hungry that the expression shows on one’s face. plods along the road: moving along the road slowly but deliberately, to walk with a heavy feet. unwonted joy: unusual pleasure or happiness.

What does absolute lemon mean?

Definition. A defective product, or anything that doesn’t work very well; something which breaks constantly, particularly a car.