Who is stronger Kabuto or obito?

Who is stronger Kabuto or obito?

Kabuto is in his strongest state, whilst Obito will be compared in his weakest state to his strongest (Kid Obito, Orange-Mask Obito, White-Mask Obito without Jinchuriki, White-Mask Obito with Jinchuriki, Juubito). Uchiha Hideout – Slight Advantage to Obito (Couldn’t think of anything better).

How old is white mask obito?

Who is Obito Uchiha?

editObito Uchiha
Birthdate February 10
Sex Male
Age Part I: 13 (Kakashi Gaiden) Part II: 31

What episode does Kabuto join Tobi?

“The Secret of the Impure World Reincarnation” (穢土転生の秘密, Edo Tensei no Himitsu) is episode 264 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Can Kabuto use sage mode?

Due to the larger chakra reserves he gains from Orochimaru’s remains, Kabuto is able to learn senjutsu from the White Snake Sage at the Ryūchi Cave. This allows him to enter Sage Mode, which he can use indefinitely due to his replication of Jūgo’s passive ability to constantly absorb natural energy.

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Is guruguru a Tobi?

Tobi, also known as Guruguru (dubbed: Swirly), is a minor antagonist from the manga/anime series, Naruto. He is one of the many humans that fell victim to Kaguya’s Infinite Tsukuyomi in the past and was transformed into a White Zetsu.

Who did obito see in the coffin?

That was probably madara Uchiha! You remember when obito saw the sixth coffin he was so astonished and a little bit sacred too! Because he was doing things under the old aged madara who was living from hashirama’s cells!

Does Kabuto join Akatsuki?

Kabuto isn’t an official member of the Akatsuki, but he does work as a spy for them and fights to their benefit during the Fourth Shinobi World War. Using the knowledge he gained while working for Orochimaru, Kabuto became strong enough to defeat nearly any foe in a direct encounter.

Who beats Kabuto?

In part one, it was stated that Kakashi and Kabuto were in the same league. But Kakashi did defeat Kabuto in their brief exchange in the chunin exams. Yep, Kakashi won this fight.

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Who beat Kabuto in Naruto?

However, Tsunade still weakened him a lot so when Naruto used his Rasengan, it was enough to beat him. Even if the technique is used by a Genin, it’s still an incredibly powerful technique as long as it hits(it is the 4th Hokage’s technique after all), and since it did, Naruto was able to beat Kabuto.