Who is the best alto sax player of all time?

Who is the best alto sax player of all time?

Jackie McClean is one of the most important alto saxophone players in the history of jazz. His career spanned 5 decades of prolific recording and performing as not only a leader, but also as a sideman on some of the most iconic jazz records with many of the giants of the art form.

Who was the first great saxophonist in jazz?

Sidney Bechet
“Sidney Bechet was, by an impressive margin of several years, the first great jazz saxophonist.” One day in 1920 a trumpeter in his very early twenties and a clarinettist, who may not have been much older, were walking down London’s Wardour Street.

Who is the best living saxophonist?

So, here’s our list of some of the best saxophone players to emerge since the 1990s (approximately). And the good news is: they’re all still performing, recording and sounding great!…Here’s the quick version:

  • Chris Potter.
  • Melissa Aldana.
  • Joshua Redman.
  • Donny McCaslin.
  • Miguel Zenón.
  • Greg Osby.
  • Seamus Blake.
  • Kamasi Washington.
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Who is the best saxophone in the world?

#1 All-Round Choice

#1 All-Round Choice Yamaha YAS-280 An extremely high quality and good value student saxophone Check Price on Amazon
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Who is the most famous jazz saxophone player?

10 of the All Time Best Jazz Saxophone Players

  1. Charlie Parker. Often called “Bird,” Charlie Parker continues to be one of the greatest saxophonists of any generation, even though he passed away at age 34 in 1955.
  2. John Coltrane.
  3. Sonny Rollins.
  4. Dexter Gordon.
  5. Lester Young.
  6. Stan Getz.
  7. Ornette Coleman.
  8. Wayne Shorter.

Who is the famous sax player?

Charlie Parker, Dexter Gordon, Stan Getz, Lee Konitz and Zoot Sims are just some of the famous sax players who would name him as a primary influence, and the ‘Cool school’ that came to prominence in the 1950s was particularly indebted to him.

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Who is the best jazz saxophone?

The 50 Best Jazz Saxophonists Of All Time

  • 8: Art Pepper (1925-1982)
  • 7: Coleman Hawkins (1904-1969)
  • 6: Lester Young (1909-1959)
  • 5: Dexter Gordon (1923-1990)
  • 4: Stan Getz (1927-1991)
  • 3: Sonny Rollins (born 1930)
  • 2: John Coltrane (1926-1967)
  • 1: Charlie Parker (1920-1955)

Who is the famous jazz saxophone player?

What is the rarest saxophone?

The Contrabass Saxophone A rare and expensive instrument, it’s also very difficult to play, though its offers an extremely warm, full sound to the big-breathed master.

Who were best saxophone players?

Here, then, is our blow-by-blow countdown of the 50 best jazz saxophonists of all time.

  • 8: Art Pepper (1925-1982)
  • 7: Coleman Hawkins (1904-1969)
  • 6: Lester Young (1909-1959)
  • 5: Dexter Gordon (1923-1990)
  • 4: Stan Getz (1927-1991)
  • 3: Sonny Rollins (born 1930)
  • 2: John Coltrane (1926-1967)
  • 1: Charlie Parker (1920-1955)

Who are some famous jazz saxophone players?

Charlie Parker (1920-1955)

  • John Coltrane (1926-1967)
  • Sonny Rollins (born 1930)
  • Stan Getz (1927-1991)
  • Dexter Gordon (1923-1990)
  • Lester Young (1909-1959)
  • Coleman Hawkins (1904-1969)
  • Art Pepper (1925-1982)
  • Hank Mobley (1930-1986)
  • Johnny Griffin (1928-2008)
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    Who is the best saxophone player of all time?

    SONNY ROLLINS . Anyone calling himself-or even willing to accept the title-“the Saxophone Colossus” better be one hell of a player to justify it.

  • JOHN COLTRANE . Maybe (OK,almost surely) the most important saxophonist in jazz history.
  • What is a professional sax?

    Professional. These saxophones are finely constructed instruments that are designed with the best players in mind. Intonation discrepancies are nonexistent, the instrument itself is thicker and heavier, and you will have a wider choice of finishes. Additionally, it is important to note that the better the instrument, the better the case.

    Who is the sax player?

    Zoot is the balding, blue-haired saxophone player for the Electric Mayhem . According to his performer and builder Dave Goelz , “Zoot is just a fifty-year-old burnt-out musician.”.