Who is the strongest in worst generation?

Who is the strongest in worst generation?

1 Blackbeard Is Already A Yonko He also has access to at least two Haki types, and in the future, he will be Luffy’s biggest rival. It is quite easy to see that Blackbeard is the strongest Worst Generation member right now, simply by his powers and his renown.

Can Sanji beat Kaido?

Kaido is actually a beast, and he is called the strongest creature on earth for a reason. He not only tried to take his own life hundreds of times before, but even his enemies and Marine Admirals could not beat or kill this beast. This makes it almost impossible for Sanji to beat the emperor of the sea, Kaido.

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Who has the highest bounty in the worst generation?

Luffy becomes the second in the Worst Generation with the highest bounty after Kid for 300 million Belly. But after the time skips and defeating Katakuri, his bounty skyrocketed to 1,5 billion Belly. He’s currently become a member of the Worst Generation with the highest bounty.

Is Cavendish a worst generation?

Because of his good looks, Cavendish is extremely haughty, prideful, arrogant, boastful and vain, and loves attracting attention. Because of this, he harbors a deep-seated resentment towards the Worst Generation for stealing the spotlight from him two years ago.

Who defeated Hawkins in Wano?

However, Kizaru reformed himself, dispatched Apoo easily, and then turned his attention to the two remaining Supernovas. After defeating Drake with a light speed powerful kick, Kizaru defeated Hawkins by firing a light-based arrow into his abdomen.

Is Bartolomeo a supernova?

Bartolomeo is a Supernova, meaning that the Marines consider him to be a serious threat despite being a rookie pirate.

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Why is Sanji not fighting Kaido?

He doesn’t want fame or accolades (outside of being better than zoro) and he wants his crew to be successful and safe. So his character wouldn’t be driven to beat up kaido. There are two meat heads doing that. Sanji will always operate in the background protecting the crew from danger.

Who has the highest bounty in the 11 supernovas?

Eustass ‘Captain’ Kid is the leader of the Kid Pirates and one of the fiercest Supernovas in the series. Before the time-skip, Kid boasted the highest bounty among all the Supernovas at Sabaody, with 315 million berries. Right now, his bounty had grown to a huge figure of 470 million berries.

Is supernova and worst generation the same?

It refers to 12 dangerous rookie pirates in New World including BB. Supernovas is title of super rookie pirates while Worst Generation is what their Era called, in real life its like Milenials, Genx, Genz, Boomers and so on.

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Why are the supernovas the worst generation?

Due to the actions of the Supernovas and Blackbeard in the timespan between the events of Sabaody and now, their group became recognized as the “Worst Generation”.

Who beat Hawkins one piece?