Who played the 1st Superman?

Who played the 1st Superman?

George Reeves
Actor George Reeves was best known as Superman on the popular 1950s television show The Adventures of Superman. The series made him a household name, but brought an end to his film career.

What are the actors names that played Superman?

Men of Steel: 10 Actors Who Have Played Superman

  • Henry Cavill — Man of Steel (2013), Batman V.
  • Tom Welling — Smallville (2001-2011)
  • Christopher Reeve — Superman: The Movie (1978), Superman II (1980), Superman III (1983), Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

Who was the best Superman ever?

1. CHRISTOPHER REEVE – ‘Superman’, ‘Superman II’, ‘Superman III’, ‘Superman IV: The Quest For Peace’ Without a shadow of a doubt, Christopher Reeve was the best representation of Superman / Clark Kent on screen.

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Who is the hottest Superman actor?

A Look Back at the Hottest Supermen of All Time

  • Most Hot-Jock Superman: Gerard Christopher.
  • The Hunkiest Superman: Christopher Reeve.
  • The Most Nantucket Fling-Worthy: Tom Welling.
  • Moussiest Superman: Brandon Routh.
  • Most Kate Upton–esque Superman: George Reeves.
  • Most Sensitive Superman: Dean Cain.

Who played the second Superman?

Christopher Reeve took over the role of Clark Kent in 1978’s “Superman,” which spawned three sequels: 1981’s “Superman II,” 1983’s “Superman III” and 1987’s “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.” The actor made his feature film debut with a small part in the submarine flick “Gray Lady Down” just a few months before his …

Who played Superman in the 80s?

Christopher Reeve
Christopher Reeve played Superman/Clark Kent in the Superman film series, Superman: The Movie (1978), Superman II (1980), Superman III (1983), and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987).

What are all the Superman movies in order?

Superman II1980Superman III1983Superman IV: The Quest for Peace1987Superman Returns2006

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Who played Superman after Christopher Reeves?

Brandon Routh returned to the role of Superman on a 2019 episode of The CW’s “Batwoman” — 13 years after he first portrayed the superhero in 2006’s “Superman Returns.”

Who played Superman in the series from the 90s?

Dean Cain
Main cast

Actor Character Seasons
Dean Cain Clark Kent / Kal-El / Superman Main
Teri Hatcher Lois Lane Main
Lane Smith Perry White Main

Is Superman considered handsome?

Superman, in all media, has been portrayed in a very similar manner. He is classically handsome, cleans up well, and is rarely seen looking rough. Although he fancied his chances with Batman, someone as powerful as Superman is not to be messed with.

How many Superman actors are there?

Men of Steel: 11 Actors Who Have Played Superman.

What actors have played Superman?

– Kirk Alyn. Superman (1948): This 15 chapter, black and white serial adventure retells the origin of Superman. – George Reeves. Superman and the Mole-Men (1951): This would be Superman’s first full length theatrical feature film. – Christopher Reeve. – Dean Cain. – Smallville Hubs. – Tom Welling. – Brandon Routh. – Henry Cavill. – The Superman Curse. – Poll.

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Are there other actors who could play Superman?

The first and most obvious candidate here is Michael B. Jordan. The wildly talented performer reportedly pitched Warner Bros. a new take on Superman in 2019, and it’s hard not to see him as a great fit.

What stars have played Superman?

Superman was played in the movies most famously by actor Christopher Reeve (with Margot Kidder as Lois Lane) and in the popular 1950’s television series The Adventures of Superman he was played by George Reeves (no relation).

Who are all the people who played Superman?

George Reeves played Superman in the 1951 film Superman and the Mole Men and the ensuing television series Adventures of Superman. Like Alyn and Reeve , he was too closely associated with the role to find further work.