Who was Krishna Favourite person?

Who was Krishna Favourite person?

Uddhava Gita Uddhava was famous as a devotee and a dear friend of Krishna but even he could not fathom why he had not prevented the destruction from happening. Brahma, the creator and the celestials implored Krishna to return to his divine abode after the purpose of his descent was over.

Who is best friend of Arjun?

But when a leading tabloid recently asked him to name his best friend, he chose stylist Kunal Rawal over them! This is what he said : “Why do I need to choose between Varun and Ranveer? I am friendlier with Varun’s older brother, (filmmaker) Rohit Dhawan. I care for Varun on an emotional level…

Who was Krishna’s best friend?

Krishna was also a very good friend. His friendship with Sudama, his classmate from his gurukul days is known to every child. Though Sudama was a poor Brahmin, and Krishna was the king of Dwaraka, he welcomed his old friend with open arms and showered him with love, affection and dignity because his friend had come to visit him after a long time.

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Who was the best friend of Arjuna?

Krishna was best friend of Arjuna but it’s Sudama who was favorite of Krishna. The Rock reveals the best success hack everybody needs to try. The big companies don’t want you to know his secrets. Sudama! Sudama was extremely poor despite being a brahmin.

How did Sudama become close friends with Krishna?

Sometime later when Sudama was going through extreme poverty, not even having enough money to feed his children, his wife Susheela reminded him of his friendship with Krishna. Sudama didn’t want to go and ask for favours from King Krishna.

What is the relationship between friendship and Lord Krishna?

Because Lord Krishna is supremely pure, His friendship is never contaminated with the selfish motives that stain material relationships. In the material world, everyone is ultimately concerned with his or her own interest. Even our friendships are part of our plan for our own enjoyment.

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