Who was Krishnas best friend?

Who was Krishnas best friend?

Gift Sudama
Gift. Sudama was Lord Krishna’s classmate and a very intimate friend. Lord Krishna was a King. Sudama was an impoverished poor Brahmin.

Who was the best friend of Arjun?

But when a leading tabloid recently asked him to name his best friend, he chose stylist Kunal Rawal over them!

Who killed Sudama friend of Krishna?

Sudama died due to the curse by Radha devi. When born as demon named Shankhchud, and on growing up he went to Pushkar and there did vigorous meditation with determination of pleasing Brahma.

Who is the friend of Arjun?

Even though Krishna and Arjuna are first cousins – Krishna’s father and Arjuna’s mother were siblings – it is their friendship that dominates the narrative in the Mahabharata. Throughout the epic, Krishna serves as Arjuna’s friend, philosopher and guide.

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Was Krishna the best friend of Arjuna?

It would be better if we call Krishna as the guide or mentor of Arjuna. It was Sudama (Kuchela) who was the best friend of Krishna, if i am not wrong. because, the strongest friendship lies where there exists a great care for one another and that was found between Krishna and sudama.

How did Sudama and Krishna become friends?

The friendship between Sudama, a poor Brahmin, and Krishna, the son of Nanda Maharaja is the essence around which many stories have been told and retold. Among the many tales what stands out is an account of the time when Sudama decided to visit Sri Krishna, then the king of Dvaraka.

Who were the Friends of Lord Krishna within Vrindavan?

Sridama, Sudama, Dama, Vasudama, Kinkini, Stoka-krsna, Amsu, Bhadrasena, Vilasi, Pundarika, Vitanka, Kalavinka and Madhumangala were the friends of Lord Krishna within Vrindavan.

How many children did Lord Krishna have?

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Lord Krishna has a very mysterious personality. One of the most interesting facts of Krishna is that he married around 16, 108 wives. As per the sayings, each wife gave birth to 10 children and each child had some features of Lord Krishna! But, out of 16,108, there were only 8 queens.