Who was more powerful Indrajit or Laxman?

Who was more powerful Indrajit or Laxman?

Indrajeet was not Stronger than Lord Lakshman. Indrajeet was undoubtedly a Powerful warrior, but inferior to Lord Ram, Lord Hanuman and Lord Lakshman. Indrajit is more powerful than Indra,according to uttarkanda he defeated Indra using Illusions. But, he cannot be compared to even the dust of shri rama’s feet.

Who can defeat Indrajit?

Lakshmana slew Indrajit by beheading him with the Anjalikastra.

Was meghnad more powerful than Ravana?

However, in Ramayana, there was one warrior who was the most powerful of these. This mighty warrior was Meghnad. Sage Agastya had told Lord Shri Ram that Meghnad, the son of Ravana, is the most powerful warrior of the war.

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Who hurt Lakshman in Ramayan?

Indrajit hurls his Shakti baan and Lakshman falls unconscious. With Lakshman lying unconscious on his lap, Shri Ram wonders how he will face his mother Sumitra, and Lakshman’s wife, Urmila.

Why is Arjuna better at archery than Lakshmana?

Arjuna had more skills in archery than even Lakshmana, he had more number of preceptors. He had more divine missiles and inexhaustible quivers in his arsenal, Lakshmana only learnt from Vishwamitra but wasn’t offered all the weapons that was given to Rama.

How effective were Arjuna’s weapons?

Arjuna weapons as stated by Parshurama were so devastating that he could end war in a jiffy. His weapons could make enemy dance, vomit, kill each other, run from battlefield and much more. One Sammohan was enough to bring them down leaving Bhishma. Sammohan was one of the least effective weapons in his arsenal of such category.

Why did God give complete knowledge to Rama only to Arjuna?

So, complete knowledge Lord gave only to likes of Arjuna, Rama as they were not going to use it unnecessary. God is more intelligent and can see everything than us. When it comes to weapons also there are wrong answers as Lakshman rekha is no weapon. In fact Ramayana mentions no such line.

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What is the comparison between Arjuna and Indrajeet?

Now, other comparison to just realize power of Arjuna is that both father and son (ravana and indrajeet ) were unable to conquer Nivatkavach demons. Both Ravana and Nivatkavach had boons so it was a draw. Indra was unable to beat them too. Arjuna however with blessings of Shiva did it easily. He alone destroyed their entire city.